The perfect heroes are those that the enemy fears and admires by all. They are charismatic, kind and friendly. It doesn’t take much effort to have close friends. Society celebrates them and their achievements without much criticism.

But, heroes like that only exist in fairy tales. In anime , those who are considered heroes are complicated people who are not always popular with their friends or allies. Some of them are known to have saved the world without any credit for their sacrifice. Meanwhile, others have many friends.

Unfortunately, their hero status also brings a lot of enemies. Whatever the reason, this series of anime heroes have more enemies than friends. Who are they? Here’s the review!

10. Asta — Black Clover

As a typical anime protagonist, there’s a lot to like about Asta. He is kind and selfless who is willing to sacrifice his life for the people he loves. This explains why he managed to make many friends in Black Clover and won the approval of the strongest magicians, including the Wizard King Julius Novachrono.

However, when it is revealed that Asta has a demon within him, he is immediately ostracized by some in the Clover Kingdom. Asta is even dragged into the trial to determine whether he should stay alive or die. Those who know Asta are not affected by the revelation of the demon. However, others saw him as a potentially dangerous foe.

9. Itachi — Naruto

Now, Itachi’s self-sacrifice is well known in the anime world. He massacred his entire clan to prevent a coup. He then joined the Akatsuki terrorist organization as a double agent with the aim of protecting Konoha.

This true motivation is known to very few shinobi. Most ninjas still see him as a cold-blooded killer who enjoys killing other people. And, this is what Itachi always wanted. He took all the blame so that the Uchiha name was respected and Konoha was safe.

8. Gojo — Jujutsu Kaisen

As the strongest mage, Gojo had a lot of influence. However, his progressive and inclusive jujutsu philosophy directly clashed with the more traditional views of the heads of the four noble clans as well as the higher ups. Gojo sees a change in the world, with the introduction of his own power and the awakening of Sukuna indicating increasing power in the wizarding world.

That’s why Gojo chose not to kill Yuta or Yuji and chose to befriend them so they could fight against the curse. In his view, the elders were too conservative and it would lead to destruction. To the elders, Gojo was young and naive, not really understanding the world he lived in.

7. Alucard — Hellsing

As the king of the Vampires, Alucard is the natural enemy of the world. To many, he is a horror story too much like a boogeyman (ghost), a terrifying legend that no one wants to be real. Those who knew of his existence, he was comparable to a natural disaster, destroying anything in his path with little respect for human life.

Alucard is a complex character. The term “hero” should be used loosely when describing him. However, his actions are often heroic and prevent the destruction of humanity—he looks happy when he kills his enemies. Only the Van Helsing family truly appreciated Alucard’s work. Others wished never to meet him.

6. Saitama — One Punch Man

Saitama is a pro-hero and the strongest character in his universe. Due to his role, this cloaked bald hero is the natural enemy of many monsters that appear in all cities. However, he was also not accepted by the other elite heroes in the Hero Association. He could only claim to have few friends and heroes who understood his power.

The truth is, even though he has a lot of impressive abilities, Saitama doesn’t seem like a very good fighter. So, his victories are often accredited to other heroes who are nearby. Gradually, he climbed up the hero rankings and sat in Class-A. Rank 1 S-Class is too low for Saitama.

5. Lelouch — Code Geass

At the start of Code Geass , Lelouch was an idealistic genius who wanted to wipe out the Britannia Empire. After receiving his Geass, Lelouch turned that desire into action and slowly but surely dismantled the greatest power ever. However, all he did was change the snake’s head and the world still contains the same problems—prejudice, violence and discrimination.

Lelouch then becomes a villain in order to unite everyone to fight a common enemy. His plan succeeds and he is crippled by a joint effort that eliminates the differences that previously separated the worlds. Lelouch is a hero disguised as a villain and few know.

4. Sasuke — Naruto

Like his older brother, Sasuke also walks a dark path filled with death and destruction. The only difference is that his actions are not for good but motivated by revenge. When he became an evil ninja, Sasuke joined Akatsuki, which made him an enemy in every ninja village. He also killed many shinobi.

Fortunately, Sasuke eventually became kind and fought alongside Naruto to defeat Kaguya in order to save the world. His actions have never been appreciated by the public and many still dislike him. Sasuke was less interested in making friends and it was easy to see why he had more enemies than friends.

3. Endeavor — My Hero Academia

Following All Might’s retirement, Endeavor became the number one hero and symbol of public hope. Following All Might has always proved difficult because he is the perfect hero. His immense strength can only be matched by his charismatic personality. And, he was liked by everyone.

Meanwhile, Endeavor is more spontaneous and earthy, caring less about his public appearance than doing his heroic activities. In fact, Endeavor has a dark side that causes him to treat his family badly. He pushed himself into a solitary life. Right now, he was experiencing the story arc of redemption. However, he still had few friends and many enemies.

2. Shinya Kogami — Psycho-Pass

revolutionary Makishima and helps maintain the rules that the Sibyl System established. Despite being compassionate and selfless, Kogami is categorized as a latent criminal by the Sibyl System due to his increased crime coefficient. He is seen by most as a threat to a safer way of life.

Those who knew Kogami had no doubts that he was a good person whose actions were heroic. But, to others, he was a danger to them and society. He was considered the enemy of many. Kogami is one example that demonstrates the flaws of the seemingly perfect Sibyl System.

1. Tanjiro — Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

Unlike the others on this list, Tanjiro is not a morally ambiguous hero who has committed both cruelty and kindness. He is a pure soul, filled with compassion for humans and demons. The only reason why he doesn’t have many friends is the combination of his tragic past and his current lonely lifestyle.

All that Tanjiro loved was killed by Muzan. His sister was turned into a demon. He later became a Demon Slayer, a solitary profession that involved traveling from place to place to kill demons. He can make friends easily. However, his enemies were clearly more than his allies.

By Ichong