In addition to watching movies , people now also have a hobby of reading books since the Covid-19 pandemic. There are many books that are usually chosen, depending on the taste of each. One of them is like the best novels purchased online , either physical or e-books . Well, for those of you who are interested in novels, here are the recommended titles to read.

One of the best novels you can read is The Art of Being Stupidly Stupid. This novel by Mark Manson does not teach readers to be indifferent to all things. The author even gives a lesson to stay indifferent to small things that don’t really need to be thought about. Interestingly, the author also added some stories and humor that made the writer not bored.

Metropop: Odd Even – Almira Bastari

There is also a novel by Almira Bastari entitled Metropop: Odd Even. Tells about Gala whose love story is quite bitter. Where does he have to accept the fact, if he is just dumped by his lover for no apparent reason. Experiencing this made him worried, because he was already 30 years old.

Kala – Stefani Bella and Shahid Muhammad

You can also choose a novel called Kala. It tells the story of two lovebirds named Lara and Saka who have a dark past. Where one hurts and the other hurts. Even though it looks sad, this novel is very interesting to read because there is a very good selection of diction in it.

Community Service Program in Dancing Village – Simpleman

Furthermore, there was KKN in the Dancer Village which went viral some time ago. This is a detail of the story of the twitter account thread which tells about several students doing community service activities in a remote village. While there, they never lived in peace because there were disturbances from the village’s magical guards.

Triangle – Sapardi Djoko Damono

There is a Triangle written by Sapardi Djoko Damono. One of the best novels from Grandmother Sapardi, tells about the complicated romance in the characters. In addition, there is also a character known as the Storyteller who is very mysterious and makes the readers curious.

We are (Not) Master Papers – JS Khairen

For you students, it is really possible to read a novel by JS Khairen entitled We (Not) Bachelor of Paper. This novel tells the story of seven students who are at a university called UDEL. The seven students have various reasons why they study at the university.

Ordinary People – Andrea Hirata

Another best novel is Ordinary People written by Andrea Hirata. This novel with a yellow cover tells about Aini who was accepted into the medical faculty, but was hindered by exorbitant fees. This novel is also more interesting with the story of the value of education, dedication, and also the issue of bullying.

Mother, – Iwan Setyawan

Then, there is Ibuk which is a novel by Iwan Setyawan. As the title suggests, this paper is about a mother named Tinah who lives with her five children in a limited condition. Readers will also be immersed in the story of Tinah, who has to work hard to support herself and her children.

Taken At The Flood – Agatha Christie

There is also Taken At The Flood which you can read. Tells about a character named Gordon Cloade who was killed in an air attack in London. He had made a will that all of his wealth would go to his wife, Rosaleen. Whereas previously, Gordon had promised his wealth to be divided among five other people. Well, the five people turned out to be trying to kill Rosaleen so they could have their property.

Defending Jacob – William Landay

Next is Defending Jacob, which tells of Andy as an assistant district attorney who is respected in his area. He lives happily with his wife, Laurie and son, Jacob. One day, a murder occurred around his house, this made Jacob the killer. Unable to accept it, Andy defended his son desperately in court. However, there is something Andy is hiding that makes matters worse.

The best series of novels above can be an option when you want to read something. Depending on what genre you want to read, it’s all in the review above. How do you guys plan to buy one of these?

By Yas Il