The beginning of 2016 was shocked by a sudden J.J. Abrams announced his secret project which will air in March of the same year. Actually there have been rumors that JJ has a secret project, and it turns out that the secret project is entitled “10 Cloverfield Lane”. Although JJ Abrams in this film project does not become a director but becomes a producer, there are still many film lovers who are curious about this film.

This film is different from its predecessor, Cloverfield, which uses the found footage method and “10 Cloverfield Lane” also has a different story from its predecessor. So if you watch this film with the expectation of a monster-themed action film, you will definitely be disappointed.

This film still has the same theme (if JJ Abrams says this film is a spiritual sequel to Cloverfield), but this film does not focus on monster attacks but is more likely to be a psychological thriller that focuses on human problems in general and with a twist at the end (specifically). for those who didn’t watch Cloverfield). The plot in this film is interesting, throughout the film we will be “forced” to guess what is really happening out there.

10 Cloverfield Lane tells the story of a woman named Michelle, played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Scott Pilgrim vs The World, Live Free or Die Hard) who goes on a journey – more precisely, escapes – after having a dispute with her fiancé, but on the way Michelle has an accident. When he wakes up, it turns out that he is locked in a room in a bunker and then a person named Howard, played by John Goodman (Monsters Inc., Argo) who claims he saved Michelle, despite Michelle’s suspicions that Howard is holding her captive. In the bunker it turned out that there was already another person who was also rescued by Howard, named Emmett.

The script writing in this film is very slick, compared to Cloverfield presenting tension because there is a monster attack, in this film the tension of the conflict between the three people in the bunker will be presented. Howard, a former Marine who believes in conspiracy theories, reveals that the three of them need to be in the bunker for 1-2 years. Michelle who throughout the film changes continuously between believing or not believing in Howard because of a series of events in the film. Emmett was caught between these 2 people and thought they were both right.

Overall this film is very well written and the three actors play so well that it will be very difficult to predict, and the last 10 minutes will be a cool thing for Cloverfield fans or a twist for those who haven’t seen Cloverfield. Apart from the advantages of this film for me, but for viewers who do not like the psychological thriller genre and expect an action film like Cloverfield, they will get a film that does not meet their expectations.

By Kania