Monkey D Luffy is a quirky shonen protagonist with almost all of his family members still alive. Most of the protagonists and their families in anime are usually the subject of tragedy. However, this did not happen to Luffy. Almost all of his family members can still be traced.

In One Piece , Luffy’s family is quite well known because a number of its members are important people in this series. His grandfather was a hero to the Marines. Meanwhile, Luffy’s father is one of the most wanted criminals in the whole world. Even so, there are also things that are not known about Luffy’s family. One of them is the identity of Luffy’s mother and what their relationship is like with each other. So what are the facts regarding Luffy’s family?

10. Luffy’s grandfather is a Marine hero
Luffy’s grandfather, Monkey D Garp, was one of the most prominent figures in Marine history. Without a doubt, he was the strongest Marine in history. He managed to defeat Don Chinjao, whose head was valued at over 400 million, with just one hit.

Garp was introduced in Water 7 and he showed off what he looked like. Garp’s strength is almost unmatched in the Marines. He became a Marine Hero after facing a crew of legendary pirates known as the Rocks Pirates. Garp teamed up with Gol D Roger and overthrew Rocks D Xebec and his crew.

9. Luffy’s father is the founder of the Revolutionary Army
Monkey D Dragon, Luffy’s father, is one of the most mysterious characters in One Piece . Dragon appeared several times, but there was no information regarding its abilities. Eiichiro Oda, the mangaka of this series, has also not revealed his abilities. Dragon founded the Revolutionary Army many years ago and rebelled against the World Government.

8. Luffy is a famous pirate
Luffy inspired Shanks to become a pirate. Since then, Luffy’s eyes have always looked at the title of Pirate King. Luffy managed to overthrow many famous pirates and other enemies. He will only get better in the future.

After the Whole Cake Island arc , the rewards went up to over 1 billion berries. This earned him the title of the Fifth Yonko. However, Luffy is still far from that title.

7. All members of this family have the letter D as a middle name
So far, only three members of Luffy’s family have been revealed. Luffy, Dragon and Garp both have the letter D in their names. This indicates that they are related to the Will of D. There are a number of other characters who also have the letter D in their names. They were considered the enemies of the “Gods”.

6. Garp and Roger used to work together
Every pirate wants to be the King of Pirates. But, only a few pirates almost reached it. Yonko is the closest pirate on that level. Yonko consists of only four pirates. This shows how great the power of the King of Robbers.

Among the Marines, only one person is considered a rival to Goal D Roger. That person is none other than Monkey D Garp. Luffy’s grandfather then teamed up with Roger to end the Rocks Pirates era. Roger and Garp have great respect for each other despite their differences.

5. Luffy has 2 sisters
Luffy had a fun childhood because he had two older brothers who always looked after and protected him. Luffy, Sabo and Ace swore on their brotherhood by sharing sake when they were kids. Sabo and Ace are in charge of watching over Luffy who is their younger brother. The three are close and will do anything to protect each other.

Luffy enters Impel Down and Marineford without much thought to save Ace. At Marineford , just as Luffy was about to be killed by Akainu, Ace jumped in front of the attack and saved Luffy. Sabo also protects his sister from Fujitora and the Marines in Dressrosa .

4. Luffy and Garp have scars on their faces
Luffy cuts that part to prove to Shanks that he is a grown man. However, it is not known what caused Garp’s scar. Many speculated that the wound was from intense fighting. Meanwhile, Dragon doesn’t seem to have a scar under his left eye. But, he has a strange tattoo on that part. It is not clear if the tattoo is related to clan D.

3. Little information about Luffy’s mother
Many questions arise about Luffy’s mother. So far, fans don’t have sufficient information regarding his whereabouts. He also hasn’t appeared in One Piece so far. Fans theorize that even if he did appear, his connection to Luffy was not revealed.

The location of Luffy’s mother is unknown and it will probably take hundreds of chapters before Oda decides to reveal Dragon’s wife. He seemed to be accompanying Dragon on his mission of liberating the world.

2. Almost all members of this family have problems
Sengoku was right when he said that the Garp family was a Troubled Family. He didn’t have a better nickname. Even though Garp was a Marine, he had not upheld the idea of ‚Äč‚ÄčAbsolute Justice and was not one to follow the rules. Garp tends to do as he pleases.

His son, Dragon, is the world’s most wanted criminal and the leader of the Revolutionary Army. The new World Government would be relieved if he was captured. Garp’s grandson, Luffy, has his name engraved on the World Government’s wanted list. He had grown from a nobody to one of the members of the Worst Generation. Im, the supreme leader of the World Government, wants Luffy removed.

1. Luffy and Dragon don’t have a good relationship
Dragon and Luffy are father and son. But neither of them cared about each other. Luffy hasn’t met his father yet and Dragon doesn’t seem to mind meeting his son either. However, Dragon saved Luffy in Logue Town. Dragon and Garp didn’t have a good relationship either. This makes sense because of their opposing professions.

By Ichong