TC Candler released a list of the most beautiful women in the world based on the results of voting held every year. The order of the top ten is occupied by beautiful women who come from abroad. Four of them are K-Pop idols who have many fans. Anyone?
Here are the 10 most beautiful women in the world according to TC Candler in 2021:
10. Nana
This is the ninth year that Nana is included in the list of The 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2021. Her beauty is recognized from year to year, so it’s no wonder that the owner of the real name Im Jin Ah occupies TC Candler’s hall of fame. The former K-Pop idol who focuses on acting ranks 10th this year.

9. Jasmine Tookes
Jasmine Tookes, supermodel from the United States ranks 9th. Jasmine was one of Victoria’s Secret’s famous Angels before retiring. This beautiful 30-year-old woman has mixed European, African, Brazilian and West Indian blood.

8. Lyodra Ginting
Lyodra Ginting debuted on TC Candler ‘s list of the most beautiful women in the world this year. The soloist from Indonesia was immediately ranked 8th. Lyodra who was born and raised in Medan is of Karo descent. This 2003-born woman is known as the winner of the 10th season of Indonesian Idol.

7. Tzuyu TWICE
For seven years, TWICE’s Tzuyu was considered the most beautiful woman in the world according to TC Candler. His name landed in the hall of fame this year. The youngest member of TWICE is from Taiwan. He was discovered by a talent scout at a workshop, and eventually moved to South Korea to start training.

6. Yael Shelbia
Yael Shelbia last year became the most beautiful woman on TC Candler’s list. His position stepped down and ranks 6th this year. This 20-year-old model from Israel also occupies the hall of fame, because this is the fifth year her beauty has been recognized worldwide.

5. Nancy Momoland
In 5th place, there is Nancy Jewel McDonie, a member of Momoland who has subscribed to the list of the most beautiful women for four years. The singer of the song ‘Bboom Bboom’ has mixed blood from South Korea and the United States. He got the name McDonie from his father.

4. Ivana Alawi
Filipino actress and model, Ivana Alawi ranks 4th this year. Previously he was in the 11th rank. Ivana was born in Bahrain to a mother who is from the Philippines and a father who is from Morocco. After her parents divorced, 7-year-old Ivana flew to the Philippines to live with her mother.

3. Halima Aden
Just like Ivana Alawi, this is the second year Halima Aden is included in the list of The 100 Most Beautiful Faces released by TC Candler. Halima Aden is a model of Somali-American citizenship. She became the first woman to wear a hijab at the Miss Minnesota pageant, where she was a semi-finalist.

2. Emilie Nereng
Ranked second, there is Emilie Nereng, who has been on TC Candler’s annual list for six years in a row, thus occupying the hall of fame list. The woman, also known as Voe, started her career as a blogger and musician. The Norwegian woman is now active as a YouTuber discussing a healthy diet.

The first order is occupied by BLACKPINK’s Lisa who is recognized as the most beautiful woman in the world . The owner’s real name, Lalisa Manoban, has been on the TC Candler list for six years, so it is counted in the hall of fame list. This Thai woman has many fans from abroad. Lisa is the K-Pop idol with the most followers and has been followed by 70.6 million followers.


By Yas Il