Jujutsu Kaisen has been transformed into one of the popular anime . Jujutsu Kaisen attracts with its energetic action, good humor, well-written characters and the dark and gruesome world they inhabit. Combined with supernatural horror, the world of Jujutsu Kaisen is a dangerous place.

No wonder there are many dangerous characters in this series. In Jujutsu Kaisen , many strange and evil cursed spirits, curse users as well as Jujutsu Magicians. Most of them could easily end people’s lives if they wanted to.

Whether it was because of their strength or personality, no one was willing to challenge them. So who are the dangerous characters in Jujutsu Kaisenthis? Quoted from CBR , here’s the review!

10. Jogo

New member of Geto’s crew, Jogo is an arrogant and sadistic cursed spirit. His initial appearance already showed how ready he was to eliminate the human race. Even though he was easily beaten by Gojo, that didn’t mean Jogo wasn’t a threat. He is a cursed spirit with a special grade.

Jogo’s hatred for humans he uses to justify his actions. He can also cause damage when he is silenced. During his encounter with Geto and the others, Jogo could easily burn a room full of people alive in a few seconds.

9. Panda

At first, Panda looks like his appearance — a big talking panda. But, in fact, he is one of Masamichi Yaga’s cursed corpses and is too strong to take down. Besides being naturally strong and somewhat intelligent, Panda also has three cores in his body that he can use to change the shape and strength he wants.

Panda’s normal form balances these three cores. His gorilla core turned him into a massive being that amplified his powers even further. The essence of the three has not been revealed. While Panda usually looks big and cuddly, he can crush anyone who isn’t ready to face him.

8. Aoi Todo

Between his size, immense strength and impressive curse technique, Aoi Todo really leaves an impression as an eccentric character who excels in the Kyoto Goodwill Arc .

With his signature technique, Boogie Woogie, Todo can change the position of anything and anyone with just one clap. However, he was also strong and skilled enough to beat a cursed spirit with his bare hands. He might be a bit crazy and have some odd grades. However, its raw power cannot be underestimated.

7. Yoshinobu Gakuganji

The head of the Kyoto Jujutsu High School and one of the “highest” in the Jujutsu world is probably just an old man. But, that doesn’t mean he’s fragile. With his innate technique, Gakuganji uses an electric guitar to fire sound waves of cursed energy towards his enemies and his body is the amp. If her abilities as a mage weren’t enough, her influence as one of the higher-ups made her even more dangerous. He is able to manipulate events and other characters to get people, he doesn’t like, killed (like Itadori).

6. Toge Inumaki

Introduced alongside Panda and Maki, Toge Inumaki is a 2nd grader at Tokyo Jujutsu High School and other strange characters. This silent mage had cursed talk. This was a powerful curse technique that forced anyone who heard his words to do whatever he said.

Inumaki’s power is powerful, it can affect even special grade spirits like Hanami. It will work on anyone who hears it, both friend and foe. It will also hurt him if he wears too much. That’s why he talks with rice ball ingredients when he’s not fighting so as not to accidentally affect his comrades.

5. Hanami

Another ally of Geto, Hanami is a special grade cursed spirit wielding an axe. This weapon he uses to crush humans for their crimes against the environment. While his goal of making a cleaner world is noble, his intention of helping Geto and the others to eliminate humans for that purpose is part of what makes him dangerous.

Highly durable and regenerating, Hanami can carry a lot of punishment with many plant-based curse techniques. He can take it out too. If the enemy was unprepared, Hanami could quickly change the course of the battle.

4. Mahito

Mahito is a special grade cursed spirit born from the hatred and fear of humans towards one another. Since he is a cursed spirit born of such evil intentions, Mahito likes to play with his victims. He treated them like toys that he could use and abuse as he pleased.

Apart from that sadistic personality, Mahito’s strength can’t be underestimated either. He can manipulate souls, twist and turn the bodies of victims he touches into monsters. He can even use it on himself by turning his body into a lethal weapon.

3. Satoru Gojo

Sometimes, one good person can be as dangerous as a bad person. Satoru Gojo may be childish and somewhat indifferent, but he is also a powerful and famous magician. He knew that too. With the power of his technique, Infinite, Gojo can manipulate any room and can become completely untouchable.

Gojo is strong enough to make a special grade spirit like Jogo look weak. He also said he could burn the entire Jujutsu world and kill all the higher-ups if he wanted to. Even the strongest cursed spirit was afraid of Gojo.

2. Suguru Geto

Suguru Geto could leave an impression without getting his hands dirty. As the mastermind of the plot to exterminate humans and replace them with cursed spirits, Geto is as vicious as his count. The plan went more or less without a hitch. He can get his collaborators into some of the safest places in the Jujutsu world and fly under the radar of powerful wizards like Gojo. While his abilities haven’t been seen in the anime, there’s no doubt that his powers match the grand scheme of things.

1. Ryomen Sukuna

Ryomen Sukuna used to be a magician who became the strongest of all cursed spirits. He got to the point where he was known as the Curse King. He was also so strong that even a severed finger couldn’t be crushed by even the strongest Jujutsu Magician. Even though he was now living in a weaker country within Itadori, Sukuna was no less dangerous.

Even without all his fingers, Sukuna was strong enough to crush a special grade spirit without even breaking a sweat. He was also calculating enough to build the foundation bit by bit to come back. Strong and rotten to the core, Sukuna is a threat no matter what conditions he finds himself in.

By Ichong