10 Unique Facts about The Batman Movie

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The Batman directed by Matt Reeves premieres today in Indonesian cinemas. There are various unique facts in the film, starring Robert Pattinson.
Here are 10 unique facts from the filmWhat you should know before watching the film.
Unique Facts about The Batman Movie
1. Batman’s leather armor and armor costume
The first thing to note is Batman’s costume, which appears to use a combination of leather and steel armor.
This costume reminds many fans of the Batman game series, titled Arkham. Just like in the game series, very tactical costumes complete with thick armor make Batman safer from collisions, but limit his range of motion.
Thanks to that costume, Robert Pattinson’s version of Batman in the film won’t be as badly injured as Christian Bale’s version in the Dark Knight series. However, the weight of the costume makes Pattinson’s version of Batman not as agile as Ben Affleck’s version in Justice League.
2. Logo on the chest of the gun
The logo on Robert Pattinson’s version of Batman’s chest is made of fused gun.
In the comics, Batman takes Joe Chill’s gun and fuses it to make a logo on his chest. Yes, in the comics, Joe Chill’s character is the killer of Bruce Wayne’s parents, namely Thomas and Martha Wayne.
3. Legendary batmobile design
Many people would agree that the Batman movie version of the batmobile is very cool.Yes, the incredibly realistic looking batmobile design in The Batman is a tribute to DC Comics illustrator Neal Adams. In Adams’ Batman comics, there’s always a touch of realism, even to the batmobile.
On the other hand, the batmobile that has an engine in the back is also a tribute to the legendary Adam West version of Batman. The DIY impression is also a tribute to the Batman film version of Batman: Overdrive.
4. Batman as a detective
Yes, The Batman movie returns Batman / Bruce Wayne to his nature as a detective. DC Comics, which presents the Batman character, was originally called Detective Comics.
So, finally the film The Batman re-positioned the character as a detective, not a superhero, like Superman or Wonder Woman.
5. The Riddler’s Costume
As the main enemy, of course The Riddler is in the spotlight in The Batman movie. However, The Riddler in the film does not use a costume that has been known to the public.
The Riddler usually appears with a bowler hat and a quirky all-green outfit. However, in this film, none of the generic characteristics of The Riddler appear.

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