Andriy Shevchenko has many sweet memories with AC Milan . But, now AC Milan may also carve a bad memory for the football legend from Ukraine.

Shevchenko has just brought Genoa to an away match to the San Siro in the Coppa Italia, Friday (14/1/2022) early morning WIB. Genoa had time to put up a fight, although in the end they lost 3-1.

The defeat in the Coppa Italia event made the situation in Genoa even worse. Shevchenko has not been able to bring positive changes to the club. Prior to the duel against Milan, the news that he would be sacked had already strengthened.

So, what happened to Shevchenko after the defeat to the club that was once his home? Check it out below, Bolanetters :

Milan Fans Welcome
This Coppa Italia Round of 16 match became Shevchenko’s second meeting as Genoa coach against AC Milan. In the previous match, Genoa and Milan met in Serie A. Genoa lost 3-0.

The most recent meeting was held at the San Siro. Milan fans also gave a warm welcome to Shevchenko. There is a special banner dedicated to the legend.

“A long love story, glances at Manchester etched in our hearts, Sheva a legend forever,” wrote Milan fans.

‘The glance at Manchester’ refers to the moment when Shevchenko was about to take a penalty in the 2003 Champions League final. At that time, Milan beat Juventus on penalties at Old Trafford.

Shevchenko Out?
Shevchenko of course should be happy because he received a sweet welcome from Milan fans. However, there is bad news that might await Shevchenko after the duel against Milan.

Shevchenko has failed to improve Genoa’s achievements since being appointed as coach. In addition to failing in the Coppa Italia, Genoa also slumped in Serie A by being in 19th position in the standings.

The threat of dismissal had appeared even before the duel against Milan. “As far as I’m concerned, I do my job every day. The club then has to announce their decision,” said Shevchenko.

Only 11 games
Shevchenko was appointed Genoa coach in November 2021. At that time, the club was in quite a strange situation. Genoa are struggling to escape the relegation zone and the club has high hopes for Shevchenko.

However, after 11 matches passed, there has been no significant improvement brought by Shevchenko. Genoa have only won once, drawn three times, and the rest have always lost. Not a great result for Shevchenko.

I am 45 years old, I am young and gaining experience. Life is ups and downs, wins and losses, I keep going and we are focused on the project,” he stressed.

By Raufs