Kim Jong In or better known as Kai is the main dancer in the EXO group. When appearing on stage he will become a Kai, a man who is sexy when dancing. But when off stage he is Kim Jong In, a gentle and warm man.

Kai has two nephews, namely Rahee and Raeon. Several times through his Instagram account, Kai shared moments of togetherness with his nephew. Here are 12 portraits of Kai’s closeness with his nephew, which has succeeded in making fans excited.

1. It looks like Kai is excited about Raeon, he pinches his niece’s chubby cheeks

2. Take a leisurely walk at night while eating ice cream, uncle, nephew, really goals!

3. It looks like Kai and Raeon are having a really fun chat, Kai looks very serious listening to Raeon’s words

4. Kai and Raeon give each other a sweet kiss, so sweet!

5. Kai watched Raeon who was learning to swim, his gaze was very warm

6. Kai and Raeon’s beach vacation is really fun playing in the sand, uncle and nephew are compact!

7. Rahee and Raeon came to watch the uncle’s cool performance live at EXO’s concert

8. Coming back to EXO’s concert, this time Kai got a kiss from his nephew, Kai’s support system!

9. Celebrating Kai’s birthday, Raeon is really excited to give his uncle a kiss

10. Hangout together at the mall, Raeon is carried by Kai. So excited!

11. Went to the toy store, Raeon immediately pointed out asking Kai to buy toys

12. Weekend trip to the amusement park, Kai and Raeon adorable photos inside a dinosaur egg

Although EXO’s Kai is a successful and super busy idol, Kai always makes time to be with his family. Kai is really a dream uncle and family man , so he’s even more infatuated with Kai.

By Jaya