The well-built idol who was born on January 26, 1998 is a member of the Fantagio Entertainment boy group , Astro. Moon Bin occupies the position as the main dancer, lead vocalist and center in the group.

In fact, Moon Bin himself has had a career since childhood which began with his debut as a child model in 2004. Not only handsome, talented, full of energy and has a good body, Moon Bin is also called a versatile idol.

1. Moon Bin starred in one of the most popular dramas in 2009, Boys Over Flowers. At that time he played the role of So Yi Jung or Kim Bum Young who was only 11 years old

2. Moon Bin is a member with the longest trainee in the group, which was for 7 years before his debut with the ASTRO group

3. Has appeared as a model for MV Balloons boygroup TVXQ

4. Astro member who cares the most about body shape

5. Called ‘ Stage Master ‘ because he often performs cover performances with other boy groups

6. Besides Cha Eun Woo, Moon Bin has his own vlog account with the name Dalgona which contains content about his activities, especially food

7. He is also an MC on several music shows

8. Apart from being a singer, he is also an actor. He has played in several films, one of which is Mermaid Prince

9. Moon Bin has the nickname “ Sleepy Head ” because of his habit of sleeping

10. Even though he has a good body, Moon Bin actually has a big appetite

11. Has a younger sister who is also a KPop idol named Moon Sua with her group called Billie

12. Moon Bin keeps a cat named ROA

His ability to dance, sing and act is unquestionable. Moon Bin is known to never give up and can be seen from his success since childhood. He is also known to be very friendly and polite even to the staff. With these facts, you will get to know ASTRO’s Moon Bin more and hopefully the support for him will continue to grow.

By Jaya