Fans have seen snippets of scenes from The Batman in a series of trailers released

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Fans have seen snippets of scenes from The Batman in a series of trailers released in the last few months. Now the cut of the scene with a duration of almost 3 minutes in the film directed by Matt Reeves featuring Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne was released.

This cut of the scene was released via WarnerBros‘ official YouTube. This is a funeral scene where photos from the shooting location were leaked when the production process was still running some time ago.

Robert Pattinson doesn’t utter a word in this sequence but we can see the intensity of the actor’s acting.Robert Pattinson appears as Bruce Wayne in this funeral scene.

He seemed to be paying attention to his surroundings from the moment he entered the location, as if he knew something bad was about to happen. His gaze then locked on the figure of a small child sitting in the front seat.

It wasn’t long after that the chaos started. A car at high speed burst into the glass door, starting with the appearance of a man’s silhouette on the second floor. The car headed for the boy who was later rescued by Bruce Wayne.

Funeral Scene is the longest cut scene released by Warner Bros. so far for The Batman. This video further convinces us that Robert Pattinson is indeed worthy to play an iconic figure in the DC comic universe, even without any dialogue at all!

The Batman will open in US theaters starting March 4, 2022. Matt Reeves previously provided an explanation of the plot of this film. He emphasized that The Batman is not the origin story of Bruce Wayne.

“We’ve seen that story too many times,” he said in an interview with Esquire.Therefore, Matt Reeves does not want to present a story plot that is similar to what has been made before.

“It’s been done too much so we can’t do it anymore,” he added. With that confirmation, it’s unlikely The Batman will feature the murders of Thomas and Martha Wayne.

But it is suspected that there will be flashback scenes to Bruce Wayne’s past, because actor Luke Roberts is hooked to play Thomas Wayne. We will be invited to enter the life of Bruce Wayne after he became Batman