Man City and Liverpool’s remaining matches in the Premier League this season

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The struggle for the Premier League title between Liverpool and Manchester City is getting hot and interesting. The Premier League title competition for 2021-2022 is still very open. If Liverpool beat Leeds in mid-week, their distance to leaders Man City will be just 3 points. The two teams will still face each other when they meet at the Etihad Stadium on 9 April 2022 (although the schedule can still be shifted regarding broadcasting rights). Man City now have 12 games remaining while Liverpool have 13. After meeting Leeds, Liverpool will face the top 10 teams in the standings: West Ham (home), Brighton (away) and Arsenal (away). Meanwhile, in the same period, Man City will host Man United (home) as their most difficult match.

City will also still meet teams ranked 17th to 19th in the standings, namely Burnley (away), Watford (home) and Newcastle (home). Liverpool will also meet Newcastle and Watford plus their neighbors, Everton, until the end of the season. In total, from the remaining matches, Man City and Liverpool will meet the same six opponents. The competition between the two will be fierce until the end of the season. The reason is the performance of the two teams who are red hot.

Man City have taken 25 points from the last 10 Premier League games while Liverpool have taken 23 points from the same number of games. The opponents they will face will also fight with all their might against them because fierce competition also occurs at the bottom. Interestingly, Manchester City ‘s last game in the Premier League this season was against Aston Villa, which in fact was managed by former Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard. Can the Reds legend help his former club win the Premier League again? Here is Liverpool and Manchester City’s remaining fixtures for the end of the season. The schedule listed is still subject to change due to changes in television schedules.
Liverpool Schedule Remaining
February 23 – Leeds (home)
March 5 – West Ham (k)
12 March – Brighton (away)
March 16 – Arsenal (t)

March 20 – Man United (k)
April 2 – Watford (k)
April 9 – Man City (t)
April 16 – Aston Villa (t)
23 April – Everton (h)
April 30 – Newcastle (t)
7 May – Tottenham (k)
15 May – Southampton (t)
May 22 – Wolves (k)

Man City Remaining Schedule

26 February – Everton (t)
March 6 – Man United (k)
March 14 – Crystal Palace (t)
March 19 – Brighton (k)
April 2 – Burnley (t)
April 9 – Liverpool (k)
April 16 – Wolves (t)
April 23 – Watford (k)
April 30 – Leeds(t)
7 May – Newcastle (k)
15 May – West Ham (t)
22 May – Aston Villa (k)