K-Drama Review: ‘Ghost Doctor’

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Professor’s Spirit Possessed a Young Doctor with Contradictory Personalities

“Despite doing my best as a human, sometimes the results are unexpected. That’s how we do it.” – Dr. Jang Se-jin.

‘Ghost Doctor’ ended its 16-episode journey with perfect ratings. The drama, which features Rain and Kim Beom in the lead roles, earned 7.9 percent, making it the highest number since the drama first aired on January 3.

Directed by Bong Sung-chul (The Heirs, My Girlfriends is Gumiho), ‘Ghost Doctor’ tells of the career journey of a resident doctor who carries out daily medical work with the help of his professor’s spirit. In addition to performing surgery, the two of them also have to uncover a dirty game carried out by hospital officials.

Not only Rain and Kim Beom, ‘Ghost Doctor’ also presents actress Uee who made a comeback after her last drama in 2018, ‘Only One’. This drama also stars a row of top Korean artists such as Son Na-eun, Sung Dong-il, and Tae In-ho.


Eunsang Hospital has one cardiothoracic professor who is excellent in the field. He is Cha Young-min (Rain). A professor who is also arrogant, selfish, and tends to be picky in dealing with a patient. According to Young-min, only patients who are at the end of their lives deserve to be treated.

Young-min’s arrogance must be tested when he has to accept the joining of a first-year resident doctor who he considers stupid & ignorant. The doctor is Go Seung-tak (Kim Beom), a man who is also the grandson of the owner of Eunsang Hospital.

One day, Cha Young-min was involved in a fatal accident that left him in a coma for a long time. As long as his body is confined to the bed, Young-min’s spirit can wander the streets of the hospital. Realizing this, he tries to stay connected to the human world.

Suddenly, an incident allows Young-min’s spirit to occupy Seung-tak’s body. Then, he uses Seung-tak’s hand to perform an operation that logically, a first-year resident doctor couldn’t do. Everyone is amazed by Seung-tak, even though he himself doesn’t know how he can do this.

The following days see Young-min’s spirit trying to keep Seung-tak under control. He also meets other spirits who share the same fate as him. Just then, Young-min learns that there’s a hospital boss’s secret that involves the life and death of a patient.

Rom-coms that tend to be ordinary, but fun to follow
‘Ghost Doctor’ is here to offer something different in the medical drama genre. What happens if the spirit of a first-year resident doctor is possessed by a top professor whose flight hours are already very high? This drama is the answer to that question.

Seung-tak, who while studying to become a doctor was only great in theory, suddenly excels when he puts it into practice. In fact, he could at least see blood and operate medical devices. Everyone is stunned to see Seung-tak become shrewd in just one night.

Not only having to deal with Seung-tak, Young-min also has to accept the fact that he could be separated for good with the person he likes.

Jang Se-jin (Uee) is a professor and also Young-min’s lover who left him many years ago. Knowing that Young-min is in a coma, Se-jin immediately rushes back to Young-min’s side and takes care of him day-to-day, in order to atone for the mistakes he made when he left Young-min.

It’s sad for Young-min that he doesn’t get to interact much with Se-jin. He can only stare and know that Se-jin can’t feel his spirit presence. Rom-coms like this are very common in Korean dramas. Old lovers leave, then reunite after years of separation.

However, the journey of the union of two loves that once had each other is still interesting to follow. How they both reminisce about each other’s moments when they were in love, and also evaluate each other why they could be apart.

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