Entering the era of society 5.0, getting to know more about the world of informatics has become quite interesting. Those who like the field of technology and are broad-minded, want to work and produce a technology, let ‘s see the following review.

Get to know the computer technology major

Computer technology itself is the study of computer equipment, both software and hardware. Computer technology itself cannot be separated from what is called information, because in that information there is something that is the goal with the actual delivery and elaboration. Computer technology also discusses network and telecommunications systems, because computers are a field that is also very important in human life.

Job prospects for computer technology graduates

As stated in the press release, UniVersitas Bina Sarana Infromtika, by emphasizing the aspects of business analysis and management, Computer Technology graduates are very suitable to enter as corporate IT experts. The ability to combine business with programming is often an obstacle for a programmer who is more focused on the technical side, such as graduates of Informatics Engineering and Computer Science. The following are the job prospects of the Computer Technology study program:

1. Android Programmer

To become a programmer , we must master the Java programming language or something else. As a computer technology graduate, you must have the skills to become an android developer. In addition, you must also be able to collaborate with UX Designers and get applications that are easy to use by users.

2. Software Engineer

Software Engineers usually develop software for various purposes that can be used to support work or others. In software development, an engineer must really have good skills . The main task of this profession is to develop application programs that have previously been made by the programmer. If it is likened, the programmer makes the initial program, then it is developed by the Software Engineer

3. IT Consultant

A graduate of Computer Science/Computer Technology can also become an IT Consultant/IT Consultant, thus he can apply the knowledge he has gained to his Informatics Engineering study program, especially in terms of planning, implementation, and evaluation in technology and information.

Specifically, IT consultants can become technical specialists who focus on integrating information technology in business and providing advice or consulting to clients on the use of information technology so that its use is efficient and on target.

4. Computer Network or Data Communication Engineer

A graduate of Computer Science (Computer Science) or Informatics Engineering (Informatics) and computer technology can become a computer network expert who can design architecture and network construction. A Computer Network also plays a major role in the maintenance and management of networks within a company.

Many think that this profession is quite easy. However, in reality it is quite difficult and not all IT graduates can do it. A small example is when a data communication engineer is asked to increase internet speed in a company.

5. Game Developer

This Game Developer job also requires the expertise of an informatics graduate, especially those who are proficient in graphics. To make a game, it must be done as a team because this project can be said to be quite heavy. Some are part of making graphic animations, some are part of programming, and others. For those of you who study Informatics Engineering and really like games, there’s nothing wrong with making games. In addition to earning money, you can play games made by yourself.

Those are some bright job prospects for Informatics and Computer Technology graduates. An Informatics graduate will certainly be able to work and show his ability to get the best results for the technology that has a very wide development.

He can also create several technologies through computer software so that the results can be felt by many people. Now there are many campuses or universities that provide computer technology majors, both public and private universities. One of the universities that provides Computer Technology study program is BSI University (Bina Sarana Informatika).



By Arkha