‘The Red Sleeve’ Ended The Broadcast By Making The Audience’s Tears Drained. The Last Two Episodes Of This MBC Sageuk Drama Managed To Break The Previous Viewership Rating Record.

The production team of ” The Red Sleeve ” continues to pamper the audience by releasing behind-the-scenes videos which would be a shame to miss even though the drama is over. One that is quite interesting shows the interviews of the main players.

2PM’s Junho and Lee Se Young were asked the most reminded “The Red Sleeve” scene. Junho chose the last scene of the drama which shows Yi San and Seong Deok Im spending time alone by the pool.

“The closing scene with Deok Im. I cried because the scene was very sad. On the set, the director also kept crying. With that atmosphere, I was grateful and happy. Even though it felt sad,” Junho said.

Meanwhile, Lee Se Young didn’t just choose one scene in “The Red Sleeve”. The beautiful actress said two scenes, namely when she swore to protect Yi San and the scene of their first night.

“The scene at the beginning of the episode where I said my oath to protect Yi San/Jeongjo. And the scene the first night after getting the statement, ‘You may not be able to see me again’, from YiSan. He then made his own choice,” said Lee Se Young.

“That’s why that scene is what I remember the most,” added Lee Se Young. The next video shows the cast of “The Red Sleeve” in unison saying, “Thank you for watching the drama ‘The Red Sleeve’ all this time.”

“The Red Sleeve” ended the broadcast by draining the audience’s tears. Because Yi San and Seong Deok Im’s first child died at a young age. Plus Seong Deok Im who slowly gets sick and dies too.

Meanwhile, the last two episodes of “The Red Sleeve” managed to break the previous viewership rating record. This drama managed to reach 17 percent and 17.4 percent respectively.

No different from the audience, Lee Se Young cried watching the last episode of 'The Red Sleeve'

No Different From The Audience, Lee Se Young Cried Watching The Last Episode Of ‘The Red Sleeve’

In The 17th Episode, The Audience’s Tears Were Drained Because Yi San (Junho) And Seong Deok Im (Lee Se Young) Lost Their Son. In Addition, Seong Deok Im Ended Up Dying At A Young Age.

MBC aired two opposite episodes at once. The 16th episode successfully made the audience happy because Yi San ( Junho ) finally made Seong Deok Im ( Lee Se Young ) his concubine.

The episode also showed many romantic moments between the main couple “The Red Sleeve”. But in the 17th episode, the audience’s tears were drained because Yi San and Seong Deok Im lost their son. In addition, Seong Deok Im ended up dying at a young age.

In a recent interview, Lee Se Young admitted that she even cried watching the last episode of “The Red Sleeve”.

“At the end of the story, I couldn’t stop myself from crying. I cried throughout the episode, even though I shouldn’t have cried. It was hard to get past it because I cried a lot,” added Lee Se Young.

Lee Se Young then shared, “Deok Im and I are alike in that we want to live long and straight.” The 1992-born actress mentioned how Seong Deok Im actually wants to live an ordinary life.

Playing the character Seong Deok Im made him reflect on whether he has lived every moment well while feeling the small moments of happiness in life. “I got the thought of having to live happily while enjoying life a little more,” said Lee Se Young.

Lee Se Young is now almost in her 30s, she shares that she has a more optimistic mindset, wanting to make her life motto about living life more enjoyable. Since Lee Se Young’s acting has been viewed in a certain way since becoming a child actress, she explained her goal is to become an actor that viewers can trust while watching.

Lee Se Young concluded, “When I was young, I think there were worried looks in my process of becoming an adult from a child actor, and I’m not sure if I’ve gone through that period well, but I will continue to go my own way and do my job.

By Fuzy