Vibranium is the strongest metal in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) . The metal mined in Wakanda also plays an important role in the cinematic universe. However, its origin is still a mystery.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is likely to see a lot of virbranium development, showing off many of the MCU’s strongest uses of the metal. However, as to why the metal is so rare, the most likely answer is that it is not a natural metal. How this vibranium was created is unknown.

In the MCU, vibranium is the metal used to create Captain America’s iconic shield. This shield is capable of storing and releasing kinetic energy which makes it almost indestructible. The same properties also allow fantastic technology to be created from the metal.

The source of this vibranium is still a great mystery in both the movies and comics. The only information in the MCU says the original source of the vibrarium was a meteorite that fell in Africa thousands of years ago. Where the meteorite came from is still a question. Captain Marvel

Comicsshows that this vibranium is rare anywhere in the universe. Earth is one of the few places in the galaxy that contains this metal. So where did this vibranium come from? Citing Screen Rant, there are three theories that try to unravel this mystery. Listen, come on!

1. Vibranium made by dwarves Nidavellir

Introduced in Avengers: Infinity War , Nidavellir is a giant forge that uses dying stars to create powerful weapons, such as Mjolnir and the Infinity Gauntlet. This artifact is made from another rare metal called uru. This metal has the unique ability to store and redirect magical energy.

This is what lets Thor use Mjolnir and Stormbreaker to focus on his lightning. Uru is also stronger than vibranium. This can be seen when the sword that Thanos wielded in Avengers: Endgame could break Captain America’s shield.

Uru and Vibranium have one big thing in common. Both redirect energy. The Dwarf Nidavellir is the only person known to be able to create uru. However, it is likely that they also created vibranium, as a by-product.

Being weaker and unable to store magic, the dwarves of Nidavellir probably threw it away as trash. The vibranium meteorite that landed in Wakanda was probably just a remnant that the dwarves didn’t consider valuable. However, despite lacking the most significant qualities of uru, vibranium is still a very potent substance.

2. Vibranium made Celestial

In Eternals , when Sersi and Ikaris try to persuade Phastos to rejoin them, there’s a joke about vibranium. This confirms that they know the material, even though it is rare in the entire universe. Perhaps, they knew because of the meteorite found in Wakanda, but it was also possible that the vibranium was created by the Celestials.

While their full abilities are only mentioned in the same way, the MCU Celestial is clearly a space god. If Tony Stark can create new elements, so can the Celestials. If they invented vibranium, then that explains the reason why the metal is so rare. The meteorite that landed on earth was probably just one of the few wild shards, most of which were used for other purposes.

Regarding what that purpose was, one possibility was for the Celestials to use it to create their weapons and armor. An even more interesting idea is indicated in the plot twist in Eternal s. If Deviants and Eternals were created artificially, perhaps their bodies would at least have parts made of vibranium, like Vision. As the android proved, the metal was soft enough that using it to enhance living tissue was unlikely to be a problem.

. Vibranium is made into the Stone of Immortality

The most popular fan theory regarding the origin of vibranium is that the metal was created as an Immortality Stone. The Infinity Stones in the MCU can give people extraordinary abilities. Wanda Maximoff got her superpowers from the Mind Stone. Meanwhile, the energy from the Space Stone gives Carol Danvers super powers. So, it could be said that other stones could leave traces of energy in the same way.

Guardians of the Galaxyshows a Celestial named Eson destroying a planet with the Power Stone. This obviously consumes a huge amount of energy. If the Power Stone could leave energy in the object in the same way as other stones, it could create vibranium when the planet was consumed. This will leave debris floating in space. One of the fragments could land on the earth.

Over the course of the MCU, vibranium has become an important part of the story. This is unlikely to change in the future. With Black Panther: Wakanda Foreverslated for release this year, the film is likely to show more of the awesome technology based on vibranium. A few more clues may reveal the origin of vibranium. Or, it might be more interesting to keep it a mystery, with the audience continuing to speculate. Whatever the actual solution, there’s no doubt that vibranium remains one of the most important and enigmatic substances in the MCU.

By Ichong