Kim Min Kyu Revealed About His Real Relationship With Seol In A In The Real World After Their Kiss Scene In ‘Business Proposal’ Was Widely Discussed On Social Media.

Currently, Kim Min Kyu and Seol In A are in the spotlight for starring in the SBS drama ” Business Proposal “. Although not the main couple, Kim Min Kyu and Seol In A’s chemistry successfully made them fall in love.

Kim Min Kyu and Seol In A even had a kiss scene before the main characters, Kim Sejeong and Ahn Hyo Seop . The scene went viral on social media and was considered very romantic.

Kim Min Kyu’s ears when he kissed Seol In A were successfully highlighted because they were red. This is considered a code that Kim Min Kyu really fell in love with his co-star. The reason is, many South Korean male celebrities admit that their ears will turn red when embarrassed.

Unfortunately, it seems that the opinion of these fans does not match real life. Kim Min Kyu talked about his real relationship with Seol In A when he was a guest on the SBS radio show today, Wednesday (23/3).

Kim Min Kyu confessed that Seol In A was a friend he really wanted to keep. Kim Min Kyu shared that Seol In A often felt worried on set.

“He is a gentle friend who I want to take care of. He often trembles for fear of making mistakes on set,” explained Kim Min Kyu.

Kim Min Kyu also mentioned that Seol In A likes to get hurt from falling. So, he wants to take care of the beautiful actress born in 1996 like his own sister.

“Seol In A is often injured. There are many cases of falling and such. I feel like she is like the youngest sister,” said the handsome actor born in 1995.

Meanwhile, “Business Proposal” itself airs every Monday and Tuesday on SBS and globally through Netflix. The drama, which was adapted from a webtoon , has aired 8 episodes out of a total of 12.

By Yas Il