Seol in A ‘s name is being talked about thanks to his sweet chemistry with Kim Min Kyu as a second couple in the popular SBS drama ” Business Proposal “.
1. Lomon And Cho Yi Hyun
Lomon and Cho Yi Hyun
The first second couple that became the viewers’ favorite were Lomon and Cho Yi Hyun .
2. Kim Ji Won And Jin Goo
Kim Ji Won and Jin Goo
The popularity of ” Descendants of the Sun ” is undeniable. Not surprisingly, Kim Ji Won and Jin Goo as a second couple were also noticed. This couple had contributed to high ratings in the drama “Descendants of the Sun” thanks to the scene of Jin Goo hugging Kim Ji Won.

3. CNBLUE’s Krystal And Kang Min Hyuk
CNBLUE’s Krystal and Kang Min Hyuk
The two of them became couple goals in the style of young people in the popular drama ” The Heirs “. Even though it’s only a second couple , the public praised Krystal and Kang Min Hyuk ‘s chemistry as the best .

4. Sooyoung And Kang Tae Oh
Sooyoung and Kang Tae Oh
SNSD ‘s Sooyoung ( Girls’ Generation ) and Kang Tae Oh became the next couple that made viewers baper. The second couple from ” Run On ” had become a hot topic just because the scene of them almost kissing appeared in the teaser.

5. Yoo In Na and Lee Dong Wook
The second installment of the drama ” Guardian: The Lonely and Great God ” also steals attention because it has a tragic past . Even so, fans still fail to focus on the love story of Yoo In Na and Lee Dong-Wook .

6. Seo Ji Hye And Kim Hyun Jung
Seo Ji Hye and Kim Hyun Jung
” Crash Landing On You ” is a Korean drama with a romantic genre that is in demand by the public. The second couple , Seo Ji Hye and Kim Hyun Jung , managed to steal the focus because of their love story. Even fans protested the production crew who gave a little sweet scene to the couple.

7. Lee Da Hee And Ahn Jae Hyun
Lee Da Hee and Ahn Jae Hyun
Lee Da Hee again made the public applaud thanks to her great acting playing a bad ass woman . This time, he decided to propose to Ahn Jae Hyun in the drama ” Beauty Inside “. As a result, this second couple scene footagebecame a hot topic on Naver TV.

8. IU And 2PM’s Wooyoung
IU and Wooyoung 2PM
” Dream High ” also has a captivating second couple . The reason is, IU is willing to lose weight to ensnare 2PM’s Wooyoung ‘s heart . Not only that, behind-the-scenes photos of the intimate scene between IU and Wooyoung are also trending among fans.

9. Seol In A And Jang Dong Yoon
Seol In A and Jang Dong Yoon
Previously, Seol In A had been a second couple with Jang Dong Yoon in the drama ” School 2017 “. This couple shows the romance between the student council president and the prettiest girl in the class that makes viewers melt .

10. So Ju Yeon And Kim Min Jae
So Ju Yeon and Kim Min Jae
The love story of a second couple between an intern and a nurse in the drama ” Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim 2 ” is no less shocking to the public. However, So Ju Yeon confirmed that she would not be able to date Kim Min Jae in real life because she considered him as family.

By Yas Il