Marvel ‘s superhero film Morbius grossed US$39.1 million or around Rp561.8 billion in the North American box office weekend, although its debut was not considered as exciting as other superhero films.

Morbius is produced by Columbia Pictures and distributed by Sony. Starring Jared Leto as the Marvel antihero, the character Morbius was initially introduced as Spider-Man’s nemesis. In this film, Michael Morbius is a Nobel prize winning doctor who accidentally turns himself into a bloodsucking creature or vampire.

“This is a weak opening by Marvel’s extraordinary standards to launch a new superhero series,” said Franchise Entertainment Research. In comparison, the character Venom also started in the Spider-Man story and the film debut of Venom 1 at the box office raised US$80 million (Rp1.14 trillion) in October 2018. The presence of the film Morbius in its first week has shifted The Lost City, which previously dominated the American box office. This film stars Sandra Bullock who plays the character of a novelist named Loretta Sage. The conflict in The Lost City takes place when a tycoon (Daniel Radcliffe) kidnaps Sage because he wants the novel’s author to help him find an artifact buried on a deserted island. On the other hand, Alan Caprison (Channing Tatum) tries to help the Sage escape in the middle of the forest. The film, which was distributed by Paramount Pictures, was ranked second at the box office by earning US$14.8 million (Rp212.6 billion) for the period Friday to Sunday. In its fifth weekend in theaters, superhero film The Batman added $10.8 million over the weekend. The acquisition brought the film, starring Robert Pattinson, to third place. The fourth position at the box office for the second week in a row was occupied by Uncharted, earning US$3.6 million (Rp51.7 billion). While in fifth place, Jujutsu Kaisen 0 from Crunchroll/Funimation earned US$2 million (Rp28.7 billion). (Ant/OL-1)

3 Interesting Facts and Synopsis of Morbius, Marvel’s First Vampire Anti-Hero

The film Morbius, which was postponed several times due to the pandemic, will finally hit theaters starting March 30, 2022. Check out the synopsis and interesting facts below!

The film, which was originally set to be released in 2020, was delayed due to the pandemic.

Now, the film from the United States will open in theaters starting March 30, 2022 and will be produced by Sony Pictures in collaboration with Marvel.

Well, before watching the film at the end of March 2022, here is a synopsis and some interesting facts about the Morbius film that you need to know. Launching from several sources, let’s see in full below!

1. Morbius Movie Synopsis
Launching from Blogunik , Morbius initially appears as an enemy of Spider-Man. But Morbius also has his own storyline that is no less exciting than other Marvel superhero stories. It’s just that Morbius here is told as a tortured anti-hero .

Broadly speaking, the film Morbius itself will tell about the journey of a man named Dr. Michael Morbius. He is a scientist who suffers from blood disorders since childhood.

Morbius was determined to cure his illness and also help others who suffered the same fate. He conducted various studies to find a panacea so that his illness could be cured. He has tried and developed various experiments. Not even a few of his experiments won the Nobel Prize.

Upon discovering a dangerous treatment that uses a form of vampirism, Morbius finds himself healed by being given superhuman powers. However, this ability is also accompanied by a thirst for blood which makes him turn into a vampire complete with bat abilities.

2. Director and Cast of Morbius
As previously mentioned, this Morbius film is directed by Daniel Espinosa who has previously worked on a number of box office films such as Life , Child 44 , Safe House to Easy Money .

Meanwhile, the film Morbius itself was enlivened by a series of top Hollywood actors. Apart from Jared Leto, Parents will also see the appearance of Adria Arjona, Matt Smith, Jared Harris, Tyrese Gibson, Archie Renaux and many more.

3. Connect ‘Directly’ with Spider-Man, but Not with the Marvel Cinematic Universe
Quoting from idntimes , although it is not directly part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), but after the multiverse concept was introduced, the Morbius film still intersects with the MCU. In the trailer, we are shown some elements that smell like Spider-Man. Starting from the image of Tobey Maguire’s version of Spider-Man, to the appearance of the Daily Bugle newspaper .

The reason is, Blade is one of the Marvel characters known as vampire hunters. Uniquely, Morbius was almost featured as the main villain in the film Blade 2 (2002), although in the end it was canceled.

By Arkha