Frenkie de Jong is a Barcelona mainstay player. The name that most widely will hook De Jong is Manchester United. This can not be separated from the existence of Erik Ten Hag, who was De Jong’s coach at Ajax Amsterdam.

The CEO of Manchester United ( MU ) recently revealed information regarding the transfer of Frenkie De Jong. He said that the Red Devils were working on this transfer as soon as possible.

Frenkie De Jong has been linked with Manchester United almost every day. He is said to be the Red Devils’ main transfer target this summer.

But it’s been a month and United still haven’t gotten De Jong’s services. So many began to doubt the seriousness of MU to get the services of the midfielder.

Richard Arnold recently met with representatives of the MU fans . Joe Football claims that the CEO confirmed he is working on this transfer.

Money Is Not a Problem

The last name that reportedly turned down the offer to join Manchester United was Frenkie de Jong. The Dutchman confirmed his desire to remain at Barcelona. (AFP/Saeed Ekhan)
At the meeting, representatives of MU fans asked about the progress of De Jong’s transfer to Arnold. The CEO confirmed that the midfielder was United’s main target this summer.

Arnold explained that money was not an issue in this transfer. Because MU has prepared large funds for the transfer of De Jong.

But there are other factors that hinder this transfer, and Arnold can’t divulge what the hindering factors are.

Working hard
To the representatives of the MU fans, Arnold emphasized that his party was working hard to secure the services of De Jong.

Manchester United’s sporting director, John Murtough, is said to be working hard every day for the transfer. He said Murtough worked from 6 am – 10 pm to make this transfer happen.

So Arnold asked the MU fans to be a little patient because they are working on this transfer to be completed soon

Offer Rejected
Manchester United have reportedly made an initial offer to De Jong. Because their offer was considered too small.

MU offered around 60 million euros + 10 million euros, while Barcelona asked for 85 million euros + 20 million euros for the Dutch national team player.

By Arkha