4 National Films Released in February 2022, Presenting Various Genres

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Entering February 2022, a series of Indonesian films are ready to await your arrival in theaters. If January 2022 is dominated by drama genre films, then February 2022 comes with various film genres which is certainly a pity to miss.

Starting from the genre of romance to horror, everything is fully presented in your favorite cinemas, you know. Well, here are a series of national films that will be aired in February. For film lovers, don’t forget to write down the date and clear the schedule, OK!

Agreement – February 3, 2022
Akad is a film presented by director Reka Wijaya. The film, starring Kevin Julio, Indah Permatasari, Nino Fernandez, and Mathias Muchus was inspired by the song sung by Payung Teduh entitled ‘Akad’. This film takes the background of shooting at the Super Priority Tourism Destination (DPSP) The Mandalika, which is located on the island of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB).

Broadly speaking, this film tells the story of humans who meet and live life with their partners. The story begins with Mr. Abdi (Mathias Muchus) who wants his son, Indira (Indah Permatasari) to start a family soon. However, Indira is an independent woman who has no desire to get married.

Until the present figure of Indira’s past, Dion (Kevin Julio). The meeting was forced to take place at the wrong time and atmosphere. On the other hand, there is the figure of Roy (Nino Fernadez) who previously filled Indira’s days. So, curious about the film? Don’t forget to watch it starting on February 3, 2022, OK!

I thought you were home – February 3, 2022
Kukira Kau Rumah is a psychological drama film based on the phenomenal song ‘Kukira Kau Rumah’ by Amingdala. This film, presented by Sinemaku Pictures, was directed by Umay Shahab and starred Prilly Latuconsina, Jourdy Pranata, Shenina Cinnamon, and Raim Laode.

This film is about Pram (Jordy Onsu) who has felt lonely since his father died while his mother is busy working. His days are filled with playing music and composing songs.

Until then, Pram meets Niskala (Prilly), a bipolar person who wants to prove to his father that he can excel. So, what’s the story? Don’t forget to watch it in theaters starting on February 3rd, OK!

Ashiap Man – February 10, 2022
Ashiap Man is an action comedy drama film directed by Atta Halilintar. The film, presented by Starvision Plus, will star Atta Halilintar, Aurel Hermansyah, and Nasya Marcella.

This film is about the figure of Zul (Atta) who is obsessed with becoming an Adiwara. Zul’s obsession is strongly supported by his father, Ibrahim. In his village, Zul’s figure is nicknamed “Ashiap Man” because he is always ready when he encounters problems.

Until he was involved in a love triangle with Aisyah (Aurel) and also Kiara (Nasya). Another problem arose when Zul’s rice field selling place caught fire. Curious about the full story? Come on, watch it in your favorite cinema starting February 10, 2022.

A Colorless Rainbow – February 17, 2022
This family-drama genre film is the work of the production house Falcon Pictures directed by Indra Gunawan and played by Rano Karno and Maudy Koesnaedi as the main characters. This film was made based on the Falcon Script Hunt competition which won the figure of Mahfrizha Kifan as the winner.

This film tells about the figure of Fedi who has to accept the beautiful design in his marriage which is destroyed because his wife, Kirana, has Alzheimer’s disease. The quiet days in Fedi’s marriage turn into emotions when Kirana keeps forgetting the smallest to important things in her life.

Not only that, Fedi also continues to be tested by the declining condition of Kirana from day to day. So, how does Fedi deal with it? Don’t forget to watch it in theaters starting February 17, 2022, OK!

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