There are many exciting battle scenes in the anime . The characters can punch holes in mountains and shoot energy beams that can destroy entire planets. With so many characters with strong and amazing abilities, it’s a bit difficult for some other characters to recognize their abilities.

However, this is not a problem for anime characters who find unusual ways to fight. One of them, they rely on their feet. Indeed, fighting only with kicks does look cool. However, this limits his character.

They could only use their lower knees to fight this way. Even so, many characters have reasons why they mostly or only use their legs to fight. Anyone? Quoted fromCBR , here’s the review!

1. Sanji — One Piece

Sanji, the Black Leg, is probably the most famous anime character who fights with his feet. Although this Straw Hat chef is a proficient fighter, cooking is his passion and main focus. As a child, Sanji was trained in the arts of combat and culinary arts by the notorious pirate Zeff.

Zeff taught Sanji not only to use his hands when fighting. This was because he could risk damaging both of them. Sanji keeps his hands especially when fighting, which shows that he prioritizes his cooking skills over fighting.

Although he prefers to cook, Sanji has proven that he is one of the strongest fighters in the Straw Hat Pirates. The kick was so strong that it caught fire. This allows him to burn his opponent. Sanji’s kicks can also easily break large rocks and paralyze giant sea monsters. Sanji’s feet are his greatest weapon.

2. Tenya Iida — My Hero Academia

Iida is a hero who trains with Quirk or superhuman abilities. This gave him an engine in each calf. These machines allow him to move at super speed and lunge with powerful kicks.

Iida comes from a family of similar abilities who are all famous superheroes. He worked to bring to life the legacy they had created. He must also always be fast enough to save those in need.

Because of her strength, Iida is one of the fastest characters in My Hero Academia. At the beginning of the series, he can run at an average speed of 60 km/h. However, as the story progressed, Iida easily surpassed that speed. When moving at that speed, Iida can shatter metal with her kick. After undergoing special training, his kicks hit with the power of a rocket.

3. Morgiana — Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

Morgiana is a Fanalist—a group of people from a distant continent who possess superhuman powers. Because of this great power, Morgiana was kidnapped and sold into slavery. Finally, with the help of his allies, he was able to escape from slavery. Now, he uses his powers to protect the people he cares about.

Morgiana mainly fights with her super-powered kicks. Fanalis are known for their strong legs which allow them to jump very high. They can also perform kicks that hit like lightning.

Morgiana then meets an older Fanalis who trains her in martial arts and teaches her about their home continent. Morgiana’s kick is strong enough to knock out many opponents in one kick. He could even defeat a huge creature with a single kick.

Manjiro Sano alias Mikey is a short teenager who leads a motorcycle gang. Despite being short, Mikey is considered to be one of the strongest fighters in the gang and the series. To make up for his lack of height, Mikey mostly uses kicks when fighting. His fighting skills earned him the nickname Invincible Mikey.

Mikey has terrible strength in his legs. He can flip a car with his kick which is described as nuclear. He also seems to be able to lift one person on one leg.

Mikey moves at high speed. He can also do a round kick that can knock his opponent down with just one kick. Even though he’s just a teenager, Mikey displays strength and skills that surpass most adults.

By Ichong