In anime series , the death of a character is often used as a surprising plot twist . Not infrequently, the creators of manga and anime kill one of the main characters to give a big surprise to the fans.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t always go well. The reason is, the death of several anime characters has been predicted by fans. Like the series of characters below, here are five anime character deaths that fans have predicted. Curious who the characters are? Check out the following reviews.


1. Light Yagami (Death Note)
Most viewers of Death Note probably already guessed that this series would end with Kira’s identity being revealed and Light Yagami’s death. It’s hard to imagine that Light will forever rule the world behind his identity as Kira.

Therefore, Light’s death was predictable, even since he became Kira. Although fans have predicted Light’s death, this series still provides a big surprise at his death. The way in which the creator kills the main character is the most unexpected.


2. Itachi Uchiha (Naruto)
Since the beginning of the series, Itachi’s death has been Sasuke Uchiha’s main goal. Sasuke wanted to avenge his brother who had massacred his own clan. Since Naruto is a shounen series with the main characters always achieving their goals, Itachi’s death was predictable from the start of the series.

Not only that, Itachi was also expected to not survive because of his health condition. Although he was one of the strongest in the Uchiha, Itachi did not have a strong physique. That’s why, fans have guessed that Itachi will die in this series no matter what.

Even though it was predictable, Itachi’s death remains one of the biggest shocks in the series. The reason is, the series reveals the truth about Itachi at his death. After Sasuke managed to kill his brother, all of Itachi’s secrets began to be revealed, starting from the reason why he massacred the Uchiha clan to the reason why he left Konoha to join Akatsuki.


3. Koro-sensei (Assassination Classroom)
The whole plot of Assassination Classroom is about the students in class 3-E of Kunugigaoka Middle School who are assigned to kill Koro-sensei. If they fail, Koro-sensei threatens that he will destroy the world. With a plot like this, fans have guessed that this series will end with the death of Koro-sensei.

However, still, Koro-sensei’s death became the most heartbreaking moment in this series. Because, Koro-sensei has become the most meritorious person for the students in class 3-E. Moreover, it was also revealed that Koro-sensei didn’t really intend to destroy Earth.


4. Seita dan Setsuko (Grave of the Fireflies)
Fans who watched Grave of the Fireflies might expect that the film will have a happy ending . After going through a difficult time, fans will surely want to see Seita and Setsuko have a miracle that brings them to happiness.

However, in fact it is not. Throughout the film, this film has shown that Seita and Setsuko have no hope of surviving in this world. Seita and Setsuko have nothing and no one to help them. Seeing this fact, it was certain that these two poor children would not be able to survive in the ruined city.

5. Isaac Netero (Hunter x Hunter)
Since it was first shown, Isaac Netero has been introduced as a very old Hunter. Even though he is still very agile and has incredible speed, Netero is already over 100 years old. Seeing his age alone has made fans think that Netero will not be in this world for long.

Predictions about Netero’s death begin to become clearer when he storms the Chimera Ant base to fight against Meruem. In particular, Netero was wearing clothes that had auspicious symbols. This symbol is usually used by people who are about to face death.

Even though Netero was known as the strongest Hunter in the world, Meruem was born with too much power. Netero’s signature move, the 100-type Guanyin Bodhisattva, wasn’t even enough to injure Meruem. Seeing this, fans have already guessed how the Hunter Association Leader will end this.

The death of a character is always one of the surprising things in anime. Even so, this can come as no surprise when fans are already predicting the character’s death. However, manga and anime creators can overcome this by surprising the way the characters die. So, what do you think about the death of the five characters above?

By Rama