Getting love from family is something that is irreplaceable for anyone. Family can also be the most comfortable place to release the sadness that is found outside the home. In anime , there are many examples of characters who have supportive and loving families. Even so, some anime characters are also unlucky because they were born into less harmonious families.

Well, the five anime characters below don’t seem to have a good enough relationship with their families. Let alone getting love, they actually become victims of physical violence by their own families. Come on, let’s see more below!
1. Shoto Todoroki (My Hero Academia)
In order to fulfill his father’s ambitions, Shoto had to give up the childhood he was supposed to spend playing and gaining a lot of love. He was considered the best child in inheriting the Quirk of both his parents and was forced to train very hard to exhaustion.

The tired little Shoto also did not escape the harsh treatment of his father, Endeavor, while training. Not finished with his father’s abusive behavior, Shoto also almost lost his sight after being doused with hot water by his own mother.
2. You (Erased)
One of the characters in the Erased anime , Kayo Hinazuki, is a victim of violence and is often beaten by his own mother. Kayo never told anyone and just kept it in silence. He also prefers to be alone and none of his classmates want to be serious about being friends with him.

In her daily life, Kayo always arrives later than the other children. He also often hides his wounds in his red clothes. At night, Kayo gets rough treatment by her mother and sometimes she is left lying around after being beaten in the barn next to her house in winter.
3. Killua (Hunter x Hunter)
Born into a family of assassins, Killua has seen what hell is like since he was a child. In order to train his endurance, Killua was even electrocuted using high-voltage electricity and drank poison until he was immune.

When he came home from taking the Hunter exam, instead of being greeted, Killua was shackled and whipped by his older brother, Milluki. In addition, his eldest brother, Illumi, also cunningly instilled fear in Killua’s mind so that he was never able to think clearly in a state of urgency.
4. Aya Asagiri (Magical Girl Site)
Aya Asagiri has a heartbreaking life for a middle school girl. Experiencing severe bullying from her friends at school, Aya also doesn’t get enough love at home. By her parents, Aya is always compared to her older brother.

Aya has an older brother named Kaname Asagiri. To everyone, her brother was a brilliant figure who had a good attitude, role model, and had good school grades. However, on the other hand, the older brother actually has a personality that is very much different from the one he displays in public. At home, Kaname often beats Aya as an emotional outlet. With the reason of stress because of his declining school grades, he had the heart to beat his sister who did nothing wrong.
5. Yuno Gasai (Future Diary)
Yuno Gasai from the Future Diary anime is known as a character with a sweet and feminine appearance. Although his appearance is so bright and alluring, Yuno also has a dark side because he can turn into a cruel and cold psychopath. His personality tends to be brutal because of the family violence he experienced in the past.

The adoptive mother, Saika Gasai, has bipolar disorder. She feels lonely because she is neglected by her busy husband. To vent his frustration, he then tortures Yuno by locking him up, letting him starve, and calling him a bad child.

Being victims of violence, these five anime characters must feel the pain of being tortured by a family that should love them. In addition, the violence they experience also makes these characters suffer mental wounds that are difficult to treat. Wow, from the five characters above, which character do you think gets the most fatal violence?

By Rama