In the anime , several characters are made to have their own special abilities. Some are proficient in the use of weapons, some can do magic, and some are gifted with strong physical abilities. Not only that, the increase in the power of the five senses is also found in several anime characters.

Well, this time the author will discuss 5 anime characters who have super sharp senses. Whether it’s from sight, smell, to hearing, these five characters are very superior because they are able to use their senses to the maximum beyond normal human abilities. Curious? Let’s see more!
1. Koro Sensei (Assassination Classroom)
Koro Sensei underwent various experiments until he finally managed to become a strong and invincible being. Not only strong and super fast, Koro Sensei also has sharp instincts and senses so he can easily recognize changes in the environment around him.

His eyes can see so focused that even the smallest objects such as insects can be seen even from a distance. It can also recognize odors better than a normal human nose, making it very difficult to trap it in various ways.
2. Melody (Hunter x Hunter)
One of the Hunter x Hunter characters who have sharp senses is Melody. Kurapika’s comrade does have a small stature, but his hearing is so sharp that it can surpass normal human hearing.

He is able to hear various sounds even from a distance and hear other people’s heartbeats. Thanks to this ability, Melody can also read the psychological state of the enemy and his partners through the speed of their heartbeats and will be very suitable to act as a spy.
3. Ukyo (Dr. Stone)
The archer from the anime Dr. This stone has super sharp hearing and no sound escapes his ears. Prior to petrification, Ukyo worked as a sonar technician in the Navy. This profession further trains his hearing and allows Ukyo to find targets precisely and accurately with just sound.

Ukyo’s sensitivity to sound has been proven in several scenes in Dr. Stones . He was able to predict where Chrome and Magma were even though they were hiding and shot the arrows precisely without hurting them.
4. Tanjiro Kamado (Demon Slayer)
Tanjiro has a very sharp sense of smell. Before becoming a demon hunter, he used this ability to help the people in the village. He was also able to smell blood from a distance when the tragedy of the massacre of his family.

With this keen sense of smell, Tanjiro doesn’t always rely on his eyes to find enemies. In several battles, Tanjiro proved to be able to track and avoid enemy attacks accurately.
5. Sirius (My Hero Academia)
Another anime character with super sharp senses is Sirius from the My Hero Academia anime . Possessing a Quirk called Good Ear, Sirius is able to hear the slightest sound very well. He uses this ability to communicate and exchange Morse messages with his captain in trapping the enemy.

Although not often shown in this anime, Sirius’ ability to use his super sharp hearing is suitable for reconnaissance missions. He often maintains guard at the sea border and can detect if something suspicious is happening nearby.

Those are 5 characters with super sharp senses in anime. Having very sensitive senses to their surroundings, these five anime characters manage to make good use of their strengths. Among the five characters above, who is the anime character with the sharpest senses?

By Rama