Anime studios do play an important role in making an anime . Later, the studio will be responsible for making graphic designs and animations. Each animation studio in Japan also has its own style, so anime fans are certainly familiar with the characteristics of their favorite animation studio. However, what if there are two animation studios collaborating to create anime?

Of course, collaborations like this do exist. Not infrequently, two animation studios will combine their design styles to create quality anime. Wow, what anime are the two studios working on at once? Let’s take a look at the five anime collaborations between the two studios below!


1st beat up.Destiny
It’s no secret that the popularity of the Takt op.Destiny anime has indeed increased when the name of the studio working on this anime was announced. Apparently, this musical action anime genre was produced by two well-known studios, namely studio Madhouse and MAPPA. Both studios that produce popular anime, MAPPA studio itself was founded by Masao Maruyama who is also a former staff at Madhouse studio.

For the storyline, this anime tells about the fall of a black meteorite that makes a monster named D2 appear on Earth. D2 will go berserk if it hears music. Therefore, music has become so limited in order to maintain human safety. On the other hand, some selected girls called Musicart became the only solution to beat D2. They are paired with a conductor to defeat the monster. One of the conductor and Musicart pairs in this anime is Takt and Destiny. Their mission is to go to New York. However, on the way, they had to pass through many areas controlled by D2.


2. Godzilla Singular Point
The Godzilla Singular Point anime series is a collaboration between Studio bones and Orange. The collaboration between the two studios is indeed very suitable, considering that studio bones is indeed superior in terms of design and studio Orange is superior in working on 3DCG animation. The anime premiered on Netflix streaming media and was officially released on April 1, 2021.

Set in the future in 2030, the anime Godzilla Singular Point tells the story of an engineer named Yun Arikawa who investigates a strange signal in an abandoned house. On the other hand, a student named Mei Kamino also receives a strange signal from the former Tsuguno District Administration Building and decides to investigate. Even though Yun and Mei received the signal in different places, the two did indeed hear the same signal and were slowly drawn into a battle involving the fate of all of humanity.


3. Strike the Blood
Anime Strike the Blood which was released on October 4, 2013 was produced by studio Silver Link and Connect. Studio Connect is actually a subsidiary of the Silver Link studio. So, collaboration like this is not impossible. What’s more, the Strike the Blood anime does have a very cool storyline and design thanks to this collaboration.

This anime tells about an ordinary high school student named Kojo Akatsuki. He is suspected of having the power of the Fourth Progenitor, a vampire with extraordinary powers that can upset the balance of the world. Because of this terrifying power, a Sword Shaman named Yukina Himeragi was sent by the Lion King Organization to spy on Kojo and exterminate him.


4. Darling in the Franxx
The next popular anime produced by two studios is Darling in the Franxx . This anime is produced by Cloverworks and Trigger studios. During the premiere of the Darling in the Franxx anime , A-1 Pictures’ studio Koenji changed its name to studio Cloverworks. Therefore, studio A-1 Pictures also received credit in the production of this anime. The collaboration between the Cloverworks studio and the Trigger studio has also succeeded in creating a drama-filled anime combined with the mecha genre .

This anime tells the story of destruction after a creature named Klaxosaur attacks the world. The survivors then founded the city known as Plantation. To protect Plantation, the APE Organization as the founder of Plantation also trains children to pilot mecha robots called FranXX. To become a pilot, two candidates will be paired with different genders.

Hiro is one of the candidates trained to use the FranXX. He, who was initially thought to have talent, almost left the team because he couldn’t be in sync with his partner. Hiro then meets Zero Two, a half-human girl who has Klaxosaur blood. Even though it’s the first time they meet, Zero Two is increasingly attracted to Hiro and asks him to be his partner in piloting the FranXX.

5. Kids on the Slope
The last anime that the two studios worked on was the Kids on the Slope anime . The anime, also titled Sakamichi no Apollon, was apparently produced by studio MAPPA and Tezuka Production. FYI , the Kids on the Slope anime is also the first anime produced by studio MAPPA, you know.

This romantic drama genre anime tells the story of a student named Kaoru Nishimi. Because his father’s job requires him to always move house, Kaoru always misses the moment to make friends with other people. In 1966, Kaoru moved to Nagasaki. On his first day of school, he meets Sentaro Kawabuchi who is so feared by his classmates.

Unexpectedly, despite his image as a naughty student, Sentaro likes jazz music and becomes close to Kaoru. Sentaro and Kaoru also meet more often and use the room in Ritsuko’s record store as their headquarters. The relationship between the three teenagers was strengthened because of their love for music.

Even though each studio has its own specialties and characteristics, who would have thought that collaboration between studios could also produce anime that is no less interesting. Have you ever watched any of the anime above? Don’t forget to share your opinion in the comments column, OK!

By Rama