The world of anime is indeed filled with various roles, ranging from just high school students, fighters, heroes, to magicians. Character roles like this are indeed quite a favorite for anime fans. However, behind the popularity of the roles that the author mentioned earlier, in fact there are also roles that are quite underestimated even though they are very important in anime.

One of the roles of this character that is quite rare is that of a healer. Healing and making sure the other characters are not injured is their main task. Therefore, this time, the author will review the five best healers ever in anime, here. Curious? Let’s check the reviews below, let’s go!


1. Tsunade (Naruto)
It’s no secret that the Fifth Hokage is indeed known as the best healer from Konoha. In addition to her strong physical abilities, healing is one of the abilities that Tsunade excels at the most. In fact, to heal thousands of ninja during the war was not a difficult thing for Tsunade.

Tsunade’s achievements as a medical ninja are widely known. Previously, in the Second Shinobi War, Tsunade was the only medical ninja who could make an antidote to Chiyo’s grandmother’s poison. Tsunade also has a Chakra flow that is so large that it can heal many ninja quickly without being tired.


2. Retsu Unohana (Bleach)
When talking about the Gotei 13 troops in the Bleach anime , this army has a special division tasked with healing, namely Division 4. The one in control of Division 4 is Retsu Unohana.

This shinigami with a calm personality is the best healer in Soul Society. He was also honored for his dedication to healing everyone regardless of friend or foe. As the captain of the 4th Division, Unohana has quick reflexes in dealing with injured people. He can also use his Zanpakutou, Minazuki, to transfer patients so they can be treated immediately.


3. Recovery Girl (My Hero Academia)
Possessing a Quirk called Heal, Recovery Girl can heal anyone just by kissing the injured area. With proper treatment, the wound will regenerate quickly after getting a kiss from the Recovery Girl.

Thanks to this important ability, Recovery Girl is responsible for healing UA students who were injured during training. He also participates in healing other heroes who need his help.


4. Kayoko Huang (Fire Force)
The Fire Force anime also has the best healer that is irreplaceable in the anime, here. This healing figure is Kayoko Huang, captain of the Special Forces Division 6 of the Fire Force. In addition to serving as captain, Kayoko is also the head of a hospital who is an expert in treating characters with the power of fire.

As a third generation, Kayoko can use her fire to strengthen the body’s regeneration and accelerate cell division. Kayoko’s ability will be very effectively used when she also treats other third generations. Like when treating Shinra, even though the wound was quite severe, Kayoko was still able to heal it quickly.

5. Elizabeth (The Seven Deadly Sins)
In the anime The Seven Deadly Sins, Elizabeth is a descendant of the Goddess so she can use healing spells freely. He can also heal anyone, including humans, giants, fairies, and even demons.

As the daughter of the supreme goddess, Elizabeth was able to heal everyone in the Liones Kingdom in the short time her powers first appeared. In fact, it can also make plants grow faster because of its strength. Elizabeth’s abilities also increase as the story progresses, as does her healing power. He began to be able to control his healing technique and use it to treat more severe injuries.

These five healing characters are really important in their respective anime. When other characters are injured and need help, their healing is the best among other healing characters. In your opinion, is the role of the healer in anime as important as the role of other characters?

By Rama