Netflix has a huge collection of movies from various countries, including Thailand. Thai film itself is known as one of the works whose stories are always unique and fun to follow. The genres are also diverse, ranging from BL, romance, to thriller .

Curious about films from Thailand that can be watched on Netflix ? The following are recommendations for shows from Thailand on the platform .


1. Inhuman Kiss (2019)
A girl who lives in a faraway village gets the curse of ‘krasue.’ Every night, this girl’s head would detach from her body and hunt for flesh and blood. The villagers were scared and panicked when their livestock died. However, a friend of the girl tries to guide this girl against her curse.


2. Friend Zone (2019)
This film can represent the feelings of many people. Their friendship has lasted for 10 years and both of them can’t express their feelings, because they don’t want to hurt each other’s hearts. Their closeness threatens their relationship with their respective boyfriends. How is the condition of their love in the midst of friendship?


3. Happy Old Year (2019)
How does it feel to have to deal with unresolved past polemics? This story is about to be conveyed through this Thai film. The film revolves around the story of a woman who tries to declutter, but is confronted by her past memories. Including, memories with an ex that have not been resolved for years.


4. Deep (2021)
Deep is one of the original Netflix films from Thailand. This film is about four friends in medical school who experience insomnia. They’re doing research on nerves. However, this research is going out of control and we must save ourselves before it is too late.


5. Classic Again (2020)
This film tells the story of a mother’s love in front of her child. This child sees his mother’s love story as a youth and spins in the vortex. This story makes the mother rethink the choices of the heart that lead her to good choices in the future.

Just looking at the synopsis already made me curious. Cus, come on, watch Thai movies on Netflix that are really fun!

By Rama