Byun Yo Han is a well-known actor from South Korea who started his career in acting since 2011. Born April 29, 1986 in Incheon, Byun Yo Han is a graduate majoring in Acting from the Korea National University of Arts . This actor starred in various famous drama series and films and successfully bagged prestigious awards.

Not only playing various roles with various characters, but also with a stature that supports his role. Well, below are the series and movies that Byun Yo Han has acted in with a mustache appearance.

1. Six Flying Dragons (2015)

Consisting of 50 episodes, this drama series, also known as Roots of the Throne , carries the historical and political drama genres . In the Six Flying Dragons , Byun Yo Han plays the character of Ddang Sae, the best swordsman in that era.

Six Flying Dragons tells the story of six crucial figures in the history of the formation of the Joseon dynasty. These characters have their respective strengths or advantages in realizing their dreams. Investigate a calibaration, Six Flying Dragons earned massive popularity because of its best-selling in the market.

2. A Day (2017)

A Day is a film that presents the mystery thriller genre. This 2017 film also successfully won awards. In this film, Byun Yo Han plays the role of Lee Min Chul who is an ambulance driver.

A Day is about a doctor who loses his daughter in an accident. Apart from the doctor’s daughter, there were other victims in the accident. She is the wife of Lee Min Chul. They experience a mysterious incident related to an accident. They also try to solve the mystery and try to save their loved ones.

3. Mr. Sunshine (2018)

Totaling 24 episodes, Mr. Sunshine , which is a historical , romance , and melodrama genre , is gaining success as a drama series with a high rating. Byun Yo Han plays one of the main characters.

To be precise, Byun Yo Han plays Kim Hui Seong, a nobleman in the Joseon era. Kim Hui Seong bears the guilt for the actions of his grandfather and father who often trouble the small people. He did not want to be remembered with an image like him.

Kim Hui Seong was originally engaged to Go Ae Shin, who turns out to be a member of the righteous army . However, he gave up his feelings and instead helped the righteous army defend Joseon from threats from various countries. Unfortunately, Kim Hui Seong died but his services are certainly unforgettable.

4. The Book of Fish (2021)

The Book of Fish is packed with black-and-white cinematography . Set in the Joseon era in 1801, this film tells the story of a scholar and a fisherman who exchange ideas behind very different professions. Byun Yo Han plays the character of Jang Chang Dae who is a fisherman.

The fishermen and scholars shared their knowledge and experiences with each other thereby broadening their perspectives in responding to the critical times of the Joseon era. To be precise, at that time, Joseon was on the verge of historical upheaval.

5. On the Line (2021)

On The Line raised the case of voice phishing , which is a fraudulent mode through phone calls that targets access to the victim’s personal and financial data. This film is a crime action genre . Seo Joon, played by Byun Yo Han, is one of the victims.

Investigate a calibaration, before becoming a construction foreman, Seo Joon was an accomplished ex-policeman. Armed with his experience investigating criminal cases, Seo Joon was desperate to infiltrate the organization that houses the voice phishing . The struggle that risked his life paid off sweetly with the arrest of the perpetrator and the rejoining of Seo Joon as a police officer.

Byun Yo Han, who is distinctive with his sweet smile, seems to display a different aura when he appears with a mustache, yes. His masculine charisma is more prominent. In addition to the works above, Byun Yo Han’s film titled Hansan: Emergence of the Dragon , which is scheduled to air in July 2022, is also worth waiting for. Don’t forget to watch, OK?

By Jaya