5 Facts Behind the Scenes of Korean Drama One Ordinary Day

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The Korean drama One Ordinary Day is currently airing and has become one of the titles for the adaptation of the Western series. There is an exciting story behind the scenes of this Korean drama production directed by Lee Myung Woo.

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1. Kim Hyun Soo’s name was created first

When watching One Ordinary Day, you might wonder why Kim Soo Hyun’s character name is Kim Hyun Soo. Did it look like it on purpose or what?

Told by director Lee Myung Woo, the story and name of Kim Hyun Soo’s character have been made before finally deciding who is suitable for the role. Even though when choosing actors, the director and screenwriter immediately pictured Kim Soo Hyun’s face.

“Because the names are indeed similar, so from the start I imagined Soo Hyun playing Hyun Soo. When he received the casting offer, it was like a dream!” said the director.

2. The director is numb

One Ordinary Day is based on the BBC series Criminal Justice. This series provides an extraordinary experience for the director when watching it. He even went numb.

“I was numb for a few days. There is a very strong message and energy from the original version and I think it would be really cool if we could make a remake,” said Lee Myung Woo. When the opportunity for the remake finally came, he had to change things to make it feel more dramatic.

3. The players are not difficult to work with

Admitted by the director, Kim Soo Hyun and Cha Seung Won are not difficult to work with. Kim Soo Hyun immediately agreed to the casting when he was offered this script. Likewise with Cha Seung Won who is already more senior than Kim Soo Hyun.

The actor, who previously worked with director Lee Myung Woo on the previous project, didn’t take long to agree.

“He immediately accepted the role I offered him that same night,” said Lee Myung Woo.

4. Sweet memories of Cha Seung Won

Previously, Cha Seung Won had worked with Lee Myung Woo in the drama You’re All Surrounded. The collaborative experience is still etched in the mind of the veteran actor.


5. Kim Soo Hyun’s character development

Kim Soo Hyun has watched all versions of Criminal Justice, from the BBC to HBO. Through One Ordinary Day, he felt that there were different things for his character. He wanted to create something special in his role as Kim Hyun Soo.

I focus on every line Hyun Soo and try to feel the frustration, sadness, pain, and loss in his life,” he said.