Sex scenes in a Hollywood film are usually there to describe the intimate relationship of the characters. The presence of these sensual scenes of course usually already exists in the film script because it is part of the story. In addition, this is also done so that the actors involved in the sex scenes can prepare themselves in advance.

However, there are also some sex scenes in Hollywood films which are actually the result of improvisation, either from the director or the actors involved in the film. Improvisation can be in the form of sudden sex scenes or other actions that are not actually in the script. Even so, there are improvised sex scenes in Hollywood films that are under criticism , you know!

1 . Last Tango in Paris (1972)
Last Tango in Paris is one of the most controversial Hollywood films even to date. You see, this erotic-themed film by Bernardo Bertolucci tells the story of the romance between an adult man and a very young woman. The storyline is made worse by improvised sex scenes which are actually classified as sexual harassment .

In this scene, the female character played by Maria Schneider is being raped by her character Marlon Brando. Worse, Schneider reportedly did not know that there would be such a scene. Because, the scene was not in the script, but the improvisation of Bertolucci and Brando while on the set.

Bertolucci even reportedly deliberately didn’t tell Schneider about the scene to capture the real expression of the actress. And sure enough, Schneider’s expression in that scene did look both confused and frightened. The improvised scene then traumatized Schneider and made Last Tango in Paris get criticism from various parties.

2. Desperado (1995)
In Desperado , we can see erotic scenes involving Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek . The scene is considered to be very sensual and manages to describe the close relationship of each of the characters they play. Well, it turns out that the sex scene in the Desperado film is the result of improvisation from Robert Rodriguez as the director.

Rodriguez reportedly only had the idea of ​​​​the scene when he was on set and immediately ordered Banderas and Hayek to do it. Salma Hayek actually refused to do the scene because the actress had to appear naked while doing it. However, Hayek finally agreed to do so because of close friends with Rodriguez.

Despite his approval, Hayek reportedly had difficulties during the shooting process. This is because Hayek often feels very embarrassed when he has to take off all his clothes in front of many people. Luckily, the process of shooting the scene was finally finished after several tries and without any coercion on the actors.

3. The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)
Through the film The Wolf of Wall Street directed by Martin Scorsese, we can see sex scenes from Leonardo DiCaprio and also Margot Robbie . In that scene, Robbie appears without any clothes so that the breasts and genitals are very clearly visible. In fact, in the original script Robbie shouldn’t be naked in that scene, you know.

Scorsese even just asked Robbie to just wear a towel robe while doing the scene. However, Robbie insisted on appearing completely naked to have sex scenes with Leonardo DiCaprio. Because, according to Robbie, the character is a typical girl who really likes to use her body’s sexiness as an allure to men.

The director then gave the green light for Robbie to appear naked in the scene. As a result, Robbie’s improv was the first nude scene in her career as an actress.

4. Endings, Beginnings (2019)
Endings, Beginnings is a romantic film where most of the dialogues and scenes are the result of improvisation by the actors. One of the improvised scenes, of course, is the sexual moments of the characters. Some of the actors involved in the sexual scene were Shailene Woodley, Jamie Dornan, and Sebastian Stan.

Filming of the Endings, Beginnings sex scene reportedly took place towards the end of the film’s production process. According to Woodley, this is an advantage for the players because they have trusted each other due to spending a long time. Hence, they can comfortably do various kinds of improvisation when performing these sensual scenes.

However, before doing the sex scene, each player reportedly gave a limit to their comfort level while doing the scene. So, even though the scene is the result of improvisation, there is no moment of crossing the line that can make them uncomfortable while filming the scene.

5. House of Gucci (2021)
In 2021, we have a Hollywood biopic called House of Gucci which involves Adam Driver and Lady Gaga in the main roles. The two players are also involved in a sex scene in the film because the characters are lovers. Well, one aspect of the sex scene turned out to be an improvisation by Driver and Lady Gaga.

Improvisation when Adam Driver and Lady Gaga moan like an animal during the sex scene. Based on their confession, they reportedly shouldn’t have made that sound because it wasn’t in the script. However, being carried away by the atmosphere of the scene , they finally made that strange sound.

By Raufs