KDrama are indeed endless to discuss, in addition to the acting of the actors and actresses who are capable, the story raised in the drama is also the reason why Korean dramas have won the hearts of many viewers.

Stories that relate to everyday life with deep messages are one of the quality spectacles that have a positive impact on viewers to increase awareness in dealing with life’s problems that are being experienced. Here are 5 KDrama recommendations that make you strong to face life’s problems.

1. Mystic Pop Up Bar

Mystic Pop Up Bar is a fantasy story about a woman who has to atone for her past sins by helping solve the problems of 100,000 people’s lives. Played by popular artist Hwang Jung Eum, she becomes the main female character who owns a pojangmacha tavern and will help customers solve their problems.

The drama also stars popular actors Yook Sung Jae and Chae Won Young who will help Hwang Jung Eum to complete her last 10 customer missions. This 12-episode KDrama managed to steal the attention because it showed the life problems of each customer who came to the shop very much related to social issues that often occur such as the burden of office workers, sexual harassment, politics, and so on. In addition, the insertion of meaningful words delivered at the end of each episode will make the audience stronger to face life’s problems.

2. Move To Heaven

Move To Heaven is a Netflix original series based on the story by Kim Sa Byeol about family life. Where an orphaned teenager with Asperger ‘s syndrome named Geu Ru continues his father’s Move To Heaven trauma cleaner with his uncle Sang Gu who just got out of prison. They help clean the homes of the dead and collect valuables, behind it all they will uncover the messages that the deceased have left with their families. This KDrama managed to drain the audience’s feelings with the touching story that was shown. After watching this KDrama, the audience will be more grateful for the presence of their family members.

3. The Witch Diner

The Witch Diner is a fantasy drama consisting of 12 episodes. This KDrama tells the story of a magician named Hee Ra, played by actress Song Ji Hyo, she has a restaurant with a menu that can grant her customers’ wishes, but this food must be paid for with valuable things owned by the customer. Every customer who comes to Hee Raa’s restaurant comes with problems that relate to everyday life.

This KDrama invites the audience to be smart in making choices, lest what has been sacrificed to achieve that desire turns out to be more valuable than what is being pursued. Each story that is shown gives a deep meaning to the consequences of the decisions that have been taken because there is always a price to be paid for the decisions that have been taken.

4. Hotel Del Luna

Hotel del Luna is one of the popular KDrama genre fantasy about a mysterious hotel that only accepts ghosts as customers. Jang Man Wol (IU) as the owner of the hotel is a soul who cannot go to the afterlife because she still has a grudge.

In some scenes, viewers will see 3 hotel staff who often joke and laugh, but behind all of that they have deep wounds that even prevent them from going to the afterlife. This KDrama invites viewers to do good and help those around them to overcome pain.

5. Tomorrow

KDrama Tomorrow is a drama adaptation of a popular webtoon that tells the story of a grim reaper from the Crisis Management Team whose job is to save people who want to commit suicide. This KDrama stars Rowoon as a job seeker who gets into an accident and puts him in a coma, at a critical moment he meets two grim reapers, played by Kim Hee Sun and Yoon Ji On.

This KDrama received a lot of appreciation from netizens for raising awareness regarding the problems of everyday life that made some people decide to end their lives. But behind it all there are many lessons from the stories of the characters, even though pain, wounds, and disappointments are unavoidable, there must always be a way to keep getting up, one of which is from people who are willing to hear the last request for help from those who intending to commit suicide.

Spectacles that have a positive impact on life are certainly highly recommended for viewers, because awareness of one thing can arise from anywhere, including the 5 KDrama recommendations above. So what are you waiting for? Let’s choose a show that is useful and has a good impact on life!




By Jaya