The media in South Korea discussed dating rumors between BLACKPINK’s Jennie and BTS’s V. Suddenly this took the fans by surprise. But long before that, some BTS members were once rumored to be close to someone, both celeb and non-celebrity.

There are at least 5 Korean artists who have been rumored to be dating BTS members, who are they?

1. Jungkook BTS and Lee Yoo Bi

This rumor started from one of the YouTuber’s uploads in December 2021, in the video it was stated that Jungkook BTS was dating actress Lee Yoo Bi.

Not without reason, the YouTuber also attached evidence in the form of Lee Yoo Bi’s uploads which he felt had similarities with Jungkook BTS, such as Lee Yoo Bi being caught wearing the same sandals, skullcaps, sweaters and bracelets with Jungkook. In addition, Jungkook’s brother and Lee Yoo Bi’s younger brother are known to follow each other.

Until December 27, 2021, the agency that oversees Lee Yoo Bi clarified that the artist has no relationship with Jungkook BTS. Likewise, Jungkook’s agency denied the rumors.

2. Jimin BTS and Yein Ex Lovelyz

Jimin BTS and Yein Ex Lovelyz were swept up in dating rumors when they both uploaded the same beach photo. It is known that at that time Jimin was in LA and Yein was in LA with Kwon Eunbi Ex IZ * ONE.

But the rumors were immediately denied and Jimin again uploaded a photo with the same beach background but this time in the photo there are Jungkook, Taehyung and also JHope. This further strengthens that Jimin went with other BTS members at that time.

3. Suga BTS and Suran

In 2018, Suran uploaded a photo of his breakfast and wrote the caption “Yoongi” which means shining. As many people know that Suga’s real name is Min Yoongi. Many netizens speculated that Suran was doing a lovestagram . Moreover, in 2017 both of them were involved in the same project where Suga became a producer for Suran’s song “Wine”.

The rumors also reap the pros and cons, many say that it’s just a matchology. Not long ago, Big Hit Entertainment denied these rumors and said that Suga and Suran were just workmates.

4. Jin BTS and Sowon Ex GFriend

Dating rumors between Jin BTS and Sowon occurred in 2016, when BTS and GFriend attended the Melon Music Awards ceremony. The staff at that time distributed drink bottles to the artists, Jin happened to receive 2 bottles so he gave one bottle to the artist sitting in the back and it turned out that it was Sowon who received it.

The interaction between the two was recorded and the video spread to cause dating rumors. However, netizens considered that the video was not strong enough to prove that the two were dating. Some even argue that the rumors are unfounded and just exaggerated.

5. V BTS and Jennie BLACKPINK

On May 23, a photo spread showing BTS’s V and BLACKPINK’s Jennie in the car. In the photo, V appears to be driving a car then beside him is Jennie wearing sunglasses. It is widely speculated that the two are dating.

It is known that Jennie has reportedly broken up with GD and is currently on Jeju Island. V was also known to be on Jeju island because he uploaded an Instagram story photo of the back of himself on the island.

This rumor is divided into two, there are those who believe that the two are dating and most believe that the rumor is a diversion related to the bullying case that is being discussed today. Moreover, the authenticity of the photo is still being questioned, many argue that the photo is an edit.

YG Entertainment , as the agency that oversees Jennie, responded “We have nothing to say” . Meanwhile, until now the agency that houses V has not given any response.

Most of the dating rumors happen because of unverified matchology. So that the agency that is the shelter of an artist has the responsibility to convey the truth regarding the rumors that befell the artist.

By Jaya