Crime dramas about serial murder cases always seem to be able to attract the attention of the audience. Having a thrilling plot in finding answers to unsolvable cases, this kind of drama never loses its fans.

One of the most famous unsolved cases in Korea is the serial murder in Hwaseong since 1986. This case is even touted to be the biggest event in South Korean modern history after at least 15 women were victims.

Come on, take a look at 5 Korean dramas that brought the Hwaseong serial murder case to the small screen below.


1. Partners for Justice (2018)
The drama includes a re-investigation of a 30-year-old murder case reminiscent of the real-life Hwaseong serial murders.

The story centers on the collaboration of a forensic doctor and a prosecutor in handling various cases, especially in the case of murder. This collaboration then leads them to the real truth.

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2. Criminal Minds (2017)
This drama is adapted from the United States series of the same title. Criminal Minds tells the story of a group of trained profilers on the National Criminal Investigations (NCI) team. They always try to solve cases, from studying the perpetrator’s psychology to mapping out cases to prevent recurrence.

Although based on an American series, the cases in the Korean version of Criminal Minds are inspired by local crime cases. One of them is the Hwaseong murder case.


3. Tunnel (2017)
Tunnel is a complete crime drama package because it has elements of crime, drama, mystery, and time travel. Inspired by the Hwaseong case, this drama is very popular not only in Korea. Tunnels have even been remade in many countries, one of them is Indonesia.

In 1986, detective Park Gwang Ho and the people around him are harassed by a terrible serial killer. One day, Gwang Ho gets a clue and finds the culprit. As he chases her through the tunnel, she arrives in the future 30 years later.

Unable to return to the 80s, Gwang Ho pretends to be a detective to stop a serial killer with the same modus operandi from his time.


4. Signal (2016)
Signal can be called one of Korea’s best crime dramas. This drama managed to become one of the record-breakers for the highest cable TV ratings. Not only based on the Hwaseong case, this drama combines many crime cases that occurred in Korea, such as Miryang Gang Rape and Sinjeongdong Murder Case.

Signal about a profiler young, Park Hae Young. He was always interested in unsolved cases. Hae Young suddenly found a walkie-talkie mysterious make it connect with Lee Jae Han, a detective of the past. The two then work together to solve each case in front of them.


5. Gap-dong (2014)
Gap-dong is based on the real-life Hwaseong serial killer. This drama deals with a series of murders taking place between 1986 and 1993 in a fictional city called Iltan. An innocent man suspected by a detective to be the culprit is finally killed. The boy’s son, Moo Yeom, vows to become a policeman to clear his father’s name.

Years later, a new series of murders that show similarities to his father’s case takes place. Moo Yeom then joins the detective team to find the real killer.

Those are 5 Korean dramas based on the Hwaseong serial murder case. Of the five dramas above, which one have you watched?

By Rama