5 Korean Movies Involving Students, Based on True Stories!

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Students not only have a role on campus, but they also have a responsibility to contribute to society. Not only that, students should also be sensitive to the problems that occur around them.

The South Korean film industry always has a way of conveying messages in its works. Here are 5 South Korean films involving university students, ranging from criminal cases to the struggle for democracy. Curious? Come on, see what happens next.

Where The Truth Lies (2009)
The film, which was released in 2009, has another name, namely The Case of Itaewon Homicide . The film, played by Jang Geun Suk, was inspired by a true story in South Korea in 1997. It is a case of the death of a Hongik University student at Burger King restaurant Itaewon. The man named Cho Jung Pil was stabbed 9 times in the chest and neck.

A prosecutor Park (Jeong Jin Yeong) is faced with a case that is quite complicated. He must find out who the killer is who brutally murdered a student in the restroom of the burger restaurant. Pearson (Jang Geun Suk) who is the son of an American soldier must be interrogated because he was found entering the restroom. What happen? Is it true that Pearson killed the student?

The Attorney (2013)
The Attorney is a film adapted from a true story. Tells about a lawyer Song Woo Seok (Song Kang Ho) who was originally a tax attorney, but eventually became a criminal case lawyer due to accusations against a student named Jin Woo (Im Si Wan). Jin Woo, who is a medical student, joins a book lover community.

However, a police detective considers that the book lovers community of Jin Woo and his friends is a community that discusses communist ideology, so that it can endanger South Korea’s national security. Finally Jin woo and his friends were arrested and subjected to severe torture. What will happen next? Can the lawyer who just changed course save Jin Woo and his friends?

1987: When The Day Comes (2017)
The film, which was released in 2017, is an adaptation of a true story in South Korea that took place in 1987. This 1987 incident involved massive protests among the public, especially students, against the military regime for the sake of creating democracy.

This film focuses on student and pro-democracy activist Park Jong Chul (Yeo Jin Goo) who is found dead shortly after being interrogated by anti-communist police. The police and government closed the case and tried to eliminate evidence of Jong Chul’s body. Students and some media who did not believe in the police began to fight. How will the story continue? Can the mystery of Jong Chul’s death be revealed?

Taxi Driver (2017)
Taxi Driver is a film based on the true story of the riots that occurred in 1980 in Gwangju. The film, starring Song Kang Ho, was released in 2017. Tells the story of a taxi driver in Seoul named Kim Man Seob (Song Kang Ho). Since his wife died, he has been a single parent raising his daughter alone.

One day, a reporter named Peter (Thomas Kretschmann) comes from Germany to cover events that occurred in Gwangju. He asks Man Seob to deliver it and is willing to pay a high price. Finally after a long journey, they managed to enter the Gwangju area, and found a group of students who were about to protest. He also covered the actions they did.

Unfortunately, their true identities are revealed and Peter becomes a fugitive from the government. What happened next? How about Man Seob? Can he return to Seoul safely?

Battle of Jangsari (2019)
The last one is the film Battle of Jangsari . The film, which tells the true story of the struggle of South Korean student soldiers in 1950, was able to hook Hollywood actress Megan Fox who played an American journalist.

Tells the story of the struggle of South Korean student soldiers in the Incehon War. They are led by Captain Lee Myung Joon (Kim Myung Min). Those who have only been trained for two weeks, must be charged with a heavy and risky mission. Choi Sung Pil (Choi Min Ho) and his colleagues are trying to prepare for this mission. Can this student army complete the mission?

So, those are the five Korean films that involve students. How heroic and inspiring, right? Which films have you watched?

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