The film Morbius hasn’t aired yet, but the director, Daniel Espinosa, has already provided spoilers for this film.

In an interview with Cinema Blend, Espinosa explained some of the important and significant things in this film, what are they?

Here are five interesting ones, but watch out for spoilers .

1. Morbius is in the same world as Venom

Daniel Espinosa answered the question where the setting of the Morbius film is, it turns out that the setting is the same as Venom.

“This film has the same setting as Venom. The same world when he ‘exits’ in Let There be Carnage and the same world when he returns in No Way Home , in short one world with Venom.”

2. There is a Spider-Man in this universe, but which Spider-Man, the audience will know for themselves, he said

As we have reported in a separate article, Daniel Espinosa confirmed that there is Spider-Man in the Morbius universe.

“Of course there is (Spider-Man) in this universe, but as for which Spider-Man, we’ll see.”

3. Michael Keaton in Morbius plays the same Vulture as in Homecoming

Unmitigated, Daniel Espinosa immediately gave a spoiler about the character played by Michael Keaton.

4. How Vulture can exist in the Venom/Morbius universe

Espinosa also gives a little picture of how the Vulture can meet Morbius.

“In the events of No Way Home , characters from different universes can switch universes like Venom and Vulture, which is more or less what happened”

5. Is Vulture in Morbius recruiting the Sinister Six?

Of course this is an interesting question, although Espinosa did not answer clearly.

“He (Vulture) is looking for members and Morbius seems interested. I think we can say that this is the beginning of (Sinister Six).”

So that’s the Morbius movie spoiler given directly by the director, what do you think?

By Arkha