Manchester United and Manchester City are two top clubs from Manchester, England. The two clubs have been competing for the English Premier League (EPL) title for the past few years.

To compete in the ranks of elite clubs, they rely on top players. Some of them are Muslim players .

1. Paul Pogba

The name Pogba may be familiar to football fans. He is a French national player. The player with a height of 191 cm has a position as a central midfielder.

Pogba is currently the most expensive player in the Premier League. He was imported from Juventus with a dowry of 89.3 million pounds sterling (about Rp. 1.6 billion). As a player in charge of regulating the rhythm of the game, Pogba has recorded 1 goal and 9 assists from 25 matches in 2021/2022.

2. Love Diallo

Amad Diallo is a potential young player who was brought in from Atalanta in 2019. The 19-year-old is projected to be Manchester United’s future star. He plays as a wing midfielder.

To add to his flying hours, Diallo is currently on loan at Scottish club Rangers FC. Despite being young, he has already become a core player for the Ivory Coast national team. His speed and agility are a mainstay when playing.

3. Riyad Mahrez

Riyad Mahrez plays as an attacking midfielder, right wing and left wing. He is quite active in contributing to create opportunities to score goals. The player with the back number 26 has scored ten goals into the opponent’s net in the 2021/2022 Premier League.

Mahrez is a player who grew up in an Islamic family. Thanks to his expertise in processing the round skin, now the Algerian national is irreplaceable at Manchester City.

4. Benjamin Mendy

Benjamin Mendy is a French footballer. He plays as a strong left back in attack and defense. The player numbered 23 was imported from club AS Monaco in 2017.

Mendy is actually a potential left back. However, the left-footed player is often injured. He goes back and forth to the treatment room so that the minutes he plays are not many.

5. Ilkay Gundogan

Ilkay Gundogan usually appears as a central midfielder. He is known as a calm midfielder when he has the ball. No doubt he became Pep Guardiola’s first choice to fill Manchester City’s midfield.

The player who has the number 8 back has recorded six goals for Manchester City in 2021/2022. He also often defends the German national team at international level. Gundogan himself is a devout Muslim who inherited Turkish blood despite his German citizenship.

In addition to the five players above, there are still many Muslims who play in the Premier League. Who can you remember?

By Jaya