While Kankuro may not be the strongest in the series, his ability to control puppets cannot be underestimated. With his puppets, Kankuro has a myriad of deadly moves that make him worth watching out for.

Of all the ninjas who have faced Kankuro, here are five of Kankuro’s best fights ever in the Naruto series . Curious about which characters have faced Kankuro? Check out the following reviews.


1. Kankuro and the Allied Shinobi Forces vs. Deidara and Sasori
This is not the first time Kankuro has faced Deidara and Sasori. Previously, Kankuro had fought Sasori when Akatsuki attempted to steal Shukaku from Gaara’s body. Until the Fourth Shinobi War, Kankuro again faced Deidara and Sasori who were resurrected with Edo Tensei.

This time, the fight becomes more difficult because Deidara and Sasori are immune to poison and have extraordinary regeneration abilities. Even so, Kankuro managed to win the battle thanks to his cooperation with Sai and the help of the Allied Shinobi Forces.


2. Kankuro vs. Shino Aburame
There is no doubt that the battle between Kankuro and Shino Aburame is a tense battle. The reason is, these two ninjas have scary and very deadly abilities. The fight between Kankuro and Shino occurred when Sunagakure attacked Konoha in the middle of holding the Chnin Exams.

From the start, Shino didn’t like Kankuro because of his arrogance. This makes the fight even more emotional. At first, Kankuro didn’t want to serve Shino either. However, after seeing Shino chasing after him, Kankuro finally agreed to fight with Shino. Even though the two of them had fought fiercely, there was no winner in this fight.


3. Kankuro vs. Sasori
The fight between Kankuro and Sasori is an interesting fight because both of them are puppet controllers. This fight occurred when Deidara kidnapped Gaara to release the Shukaku that was inside his body. Knowing that his brother was in danger, Kankuro immediately chased after Deidara.

However, Kankuro was then blocked by Sasori. Although Kankuro’s strength could not be underestimated, Sasori was far more experienced than Kankuro. Finally, Kankuro was defeated by Sasori and his pursuit failed.


4. Kankuro and Kiba Inuzuka vs. Ukon and Sakon
When Sasuke decides to defect from the village, young ninjas are sent to chase Sasuke and bring him back to Konoha. On the way, Kiba and his dog, Akamaru, were forced to face Sakon and Ukon.

Thanks to the Cursed Seal given by Orochimaru, Sakon and Ukon have much stronger powers than Kiba. When Kiba started to be cornered, Kankuro suddenly came to help Kiba in the fight against Sakon and Ukon.

Kankuro greatly benefits in this fight because Kankuro’s puppet is the weakness of the two Orochimaru servants. Sakon and Ukon can’t sabotage Kankuro’s puppet body because Kankuro’s doll is an inanimate object. That way, Kankuro can defeat Sakon and Ukon quite easily.

5. Kankuro vs. Misumi Tsuguri
Misumi Tsurugi is one of Orochimaru’s accomplices who confronted Kankuro in the Chnin Exams. At first, it was difficult to determine who would be the victor in this fight. While Kankuro excelled in his puppet control, Tsurugi excelled in his experience.

When Tsurugi was close to achieving his victory, Kankuro quickly turned things around. After successfully tricking Tsurugi by exchanging his body with his puppet, Kankuro immediately finished off Tsurugi and won the fight.


Although Kankuro is rarely shown in the series, he has a series of battles that are no less epic than the main characters. Of the five battles above, which one do you think is the most epic?

By Rama