In anime , especially those that carry the action genre , there are many battles that occur between characters using various weapons. While swords and pistols are the most commonly used weapons, very few anime characters use spears as a means of combat.

However, these five anime characters apparently use spears as weapons, you know. They managed to wield this long weapon skillfully and unleashed their power potential at a higher level than any other character. Curious? Come on, let’s get to the characters!


1. Ikkaku Madarame (Bleach)
Ikkaku is one of the Shinigami of the 11th Division in the anime Bleach. Appearing conspicuous with his bald head, in fact Ikkaku belongs to the ranks of Shinigami whose strength is to be reckoned with.

Ikkaku is one of the few Shinigami who use spears as a medium of combat. With his Zanpakutou named Hōzukimaru, Ikkaku transforms his sword and scabbard into a spear. He can also easily attack enemies from near and far with Hōzukimaru’s reach.


2. Yukina Himeragi (Strike the Blood)
Yukina is one of the main characters in the anime Strike the Blood . He is a Sword Shaman trained by the Lion King organization. Despite looking cute like any other high school girl, Yukina has a high ability in combat. He is also the most shrewd when using his Schneewalzer spear.

The Schneewalzer Spear itself was a spear with a special power developed by the Lion King organization. Because it was made of ancient spears, there were only three Schneewalzers in the entire world. Yukina herself had a Schneewalzer spear named Snowdrift Wolf. This spear allowed her to neutralize magic and increase Yukina’s speed and strength when fighting.


3. King (The Seven Deadly Sins)
The character Harlequin or commonly called King in the anime The Seven Deadly Sins also uses a spear as a weapon to fight. This Third Fairy King could use his Chastiefol spear without having to touch it.

Chastiefol can swing in any direction King wants. In addition, Chastiefol can also change into ten different forms according to the circumstances in the fight. This spear can change shape into a shield, kunai in large quantities, to shot sunflowers that can have a fatal impact on the opponent.


4. Hyoga (Dr. Stone)
Hyoga from the anime Dr. Stone is also a skilled fighter who uses a spear as his weapon. In a world that lost technology due to petrification, Hyoga was resurrected by Tsukasa and became one of his subordinates. In addition to his strong physical abilities, Hyoga is almost invincible if he is holding a spear.

Hyoga’s abilities increase greatly when he is holding a spear. Even though his Kudayari spear was still made of stone and wood chips, in fact Hyoga still had the upper hand against the three strongest fighters in Ishigami Village even though they were armed with metal swords. Not surprisingly, Hyoga is also included in the ranks of the strongest characters in the anime Dr. Stones.

5. Lu Bu (Record of Ragnarok)
In the Record of Ragnarok anime , Lu Bu’s fight against Thor is very epic and tense. Lü Bu was a prominent warlord during the Three Kingdoms period in Ancient China and is considered the strongest warrior in history. In his battle against Thor, Lü Bu himself appears carrying a spear that has been strengthened by the Valkyries.

As he fights in this anime, Lü Bu proves himself to be one of the strongest spear-wielding characters. He managed to corner the god of lightning many times with his abilities. His movements in using a spear are very flexible and agile.

Using spears as a mainstay weapon, these five anime characters prove to be quite strong and able to overwhelm opponents with their strength. Apart from the five anime characters above, who else, yes, anime characters use spears as weapons?

By Rama