The Marvel film universe is now divided into two, namely the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) managed by Marvel Studios and Sony’s Spider-Man Universe (SSU) managed by Sony Pictures. In total, there have been three SSU films released by Sony Pictures, including Venom (2018), Venom: Let There Be Carnage (2021), and Morbius (2022).

Despite being quite successful in terms of revenue, two of Venom ‘s films received so much criticism that they scored “Rotten” on Rotten Tomatoes. In fact, Morbius is also no better than the Venom film series . Worse yet, Morbius is now the SSU film with the lowest score on Rotten Tomatoes, which is 16%.

So, what makes Morbius worthy of being called the worst SSU film to date?

The reason Morbius is the worst SSU film to date
1. The “PG-13” rating makes Morbius’ brutality so full of responsibility
Michael Morbius was originally told as a doctor who suffered from a rare blood disease. As a doctor, Michael searches for various ways to cure his illness until he decides to inject vampire bat DNA into his body. Because of his experiments, Michael then transformed into a terrible vampire.

The moment Michael first transforms into a vampire should be the most tense scene in Morbius . At that moment, Michael was completely overcome by his overwhelming thirst for human blood. Without Michael knowing, he killed and sucked the blood of everyone on board, except Martine Bancroft.

However, because Morbius was made into a “ PG -13” rating film or a film for audiences aged 13 years and over, the scene of the massacre on the ship failed brutally. The potential scene even looks not optimal because it collides with the age rating . In addition, Milo, the villain of this film, who is told to be cruel, finally becomes less able to show his cruelty because of the limitations in the film “PG-13”.

2. Give a lot of false promises in the trailer
Before the pandemic, Morbius was originally planned to be released in July 2020. No wonder Sony Pictures has released its first trailer in January 2020. Because of the first trailer, many fans have been enthusiastic about this film. How about not? The first trailer for Morbius features a lot of promising easter eggs .

In the first trailer, you can see the appearance of the Spider-Man mural and the Vulture scene talking to Michael. Sony Pictures seems to tell that Morbius has a connection with the MCU. The Spider-Man mural then appears again in the second trailer. Then, more and more Vulture scenes are shown in the second and third trailers.

However, what happens when Morbius is released? The scene showing the Spider-Man mural doesn’t appear in the film at all. Then, most of the Vulture scenes shown in all the trailers are also not in the final result of the film. It’s clear that Sony Pictures is trying to attract audiences by giving a lot of false promises in the trailer.

3. The post credit scene that opens a big plot hole
Because there are quite a lot of them shown in all the trailers, some of you might think that Vulture will be featured in the main story of the film. Once the film was released, Vulture apparently only appeared in two Morbius post credit scenes . Instead of being enthusiastic, the two post credit scenes in this film actually raise a lot of questions and feel forced.

In the first post-credits scene , it’s clear that Vulture is stranded at SSU due to the multiverse chaos that occurred in Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021). So, why can Vulture continue to be stuck in SSU? In fact, Doctor Strange managed to bring back various characters who were stranded in the MCU, including Venom. Shouldn’t Vulture also be returning to the MCU?

The second post credit scene looks even more absurd! Vulture suddenly has a costume, comes to see Michael, and invites Michael to join his team. How did the Vulture get the costumes? When did Vulture and Michael first know each other? Then, why is Michael so easily attracted to Vulture’s invitation? It’s clear that Sony Pictures forced the formation of the Sinister Six at SSU.

4. Do you really want to make Morbius into a good or bad character?
Those of you who follow Marvel comics, of course, already know that Morbius is one of Spider-Man’s mortal enemies. Basically, he is a villain. But like Venom, Sony Pictures made Morbius a more moral character in the film. If not a superhero, Sony Pictures seems to want to turn Morbius into an antihero.

Michael is just a doctor who wants to find a cure for his illness. When he found him and became a vampire, Michael himself was worried that he would endanger many people. He even prefers to drink artificial blood over real blood. Michael also forbids Milo to use the medicine, even though Milo is secretly using it.

From his various actions, we can judge that Michael in the film is not a bad person. Then, why does he want to be invited to work with Vulture who is clearly a villain if we watch Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)? Director Morbius has explained that Vulture is not yet officially a villain at SSU. However, Morbius’ characteristics became unclear when he agreed to join the Vulture. So, does he want to be made a bad character or a good character?

5. Movies about the villain Spider-Man seem difficult to succeed without the presence of Spider-Man
As mentioned in the previous point, Morbius is the villain of Spider-Man in the comics universe. Since the first Venom movie , Sony Pictures has clearly been trying to make a movie about the Spider-Man villain without Spider-Man present. With the failure of the two films Venom and Morbius , this is already clear evidence that SSU is difficult to run successfully without the presence of Spider-Man.

That’s why Sony Pictures seems to be trying hard to connect the SSU to the MCU in Venom: Let There Be Carnage and Morbius . The moment when Venom moved into the MCU still seems plausible given the events of Spider-Man: No Way Home . However, Morbius seems to be pushing himself too hard by showing a Spider-Man mural in the trailer and getting Vulture stuck in SSU.

So, why didn’t the Spider-Man mural in the trailer appear in the film? Director Morbius finally revealed that the Spider-Man mural in the trailer was not his work . What’s even more odd is that there is no sign of Spider-Man at SSU yet. Why did Morbius easily accept the Vulture’s invitation to fight Spider-Man? How did Morbius know about Spider-Man? It’s obvious, right, Sony Pictures wants to connect to the MCU in a way that’s too pushy.


By Arkha