Thanks to him we met the true Turkish phenomenon. He has been gaining followers since the broadcast of ‘Dreamy Bird’ and his fame continues to grow. Here we collect the fictions where you can enjoy it.


Turkish actors such as Kerem Bürsin or Caner Cindoruk may have crossed borders in recent years , but the first to become a true phenomenon was Can Yaman . The actor triumphed in our country thanks to Erkenci Kus: Dreaming Bird and proof of this was the enormous reception he received at the airport when he flew to Spain. Since then, his fame has not faded. He is still one of the biggest stars in the industry in Turkey.

For all the fans of Can Yaman in Spain -and there are many-, we have compiled all the actor’s series that you can see in our country . The good news is that almost all of his projects are available. The bad news is that it requires a subscription.



One of the first Can Yaman series was İnadına Aşk . The actor was about 26 years old when he became Yalın, a handsome young man who succeeds professionally as the CEO of Arass Technology. His character develops a love story with Defne ( Açelya Topaloğlu ), a young woman who has just graduated from university and is looking for a job as a computer scientist . Thus, she arrives at Yalın’s company and, although she does not start off on the right foot, both end up finding something in common. And, of course, falling in love.