Self-doubt is a collection of feelings that arise due to self-doubt about your abilities, competencies and the results you achieve in your daily life. Therefore, those of you who have self-doubt will experience uncertainty about your own capacity. Like asking yourself the question of whether you can achieve much better results and be as successful as you want to be?

Don’t judge yourself too negatively. Because everyone must have experienced such thing as self-doubt. Even successful people must have had doubts before finally daring to take a step in deciding something. He must have spent a lot of time thinking about and questioning his own abilities.

If only other people could be successful after eliminatingself-doubt, why don’t you? For that, you must be able to face and overcome doubts in yourself. Don’t let your doubts grow and eventually make it harder for you to step up and take something important in life. You can try to get rid of self-doubt by doing these five ways.

1. Get rid of the thought that other people lives are much better and luckier than yours

Thoughts like if I was as successful as him, if I was as lucky as he was smart, until if I had a lot of money. Pretending that you are someone else is not good and is of no use. Because it indicates that you are not grateful for yourself and what you have right now. Throw away thoughts like that, don’t ever think that other people lives are much better and lucky than yours.

Remember that what other people have is the result of their struggles in the past and you don’t know how those struggles were. So, don’t waste your time just imagining things like that. You better improve your competence starting from learning to eliminate the self-doubt you have, then success will also come your way as long as you keep trying.

2. Don’t deny the reality, learn to be able to accept reality

Believe that denying the situation will not make you happy nor will it change your situation for the better. It would be better if you face the reality, because your life will not change if you don’t change it yourself. So, you don’t have to fight the reality, learn to accept it and change the situation. That way it will be easier for you to be able to remove the doubts that exist within yourself.

You can start by making a list of any weaknesses you have. Accept and admit the weakness, no need to justify. Then, do things that can turn those weaknesses into your strengths. If it feels difficult, then you can try to further improve the strengths you have, so that your weaknesses can be covered with your strengths.

3. Get rid of the thought that you have the biggest and most severe problems compared to other people

Always thinking that the problems you have are much bigger and heavier than other people or you always feel that you are getting a very tough trial than other people is not true. You better get rid of that thought because everyone has problems. It just that maybe they don’t show it or you don’t know it.

Feeling the most persecuted because trials and problems are too deep to think about them for a long time is also not good for you. Always imagining negative things actually makes you worse off and hesitates in moving forward. Learn to think positively so you can eliminate any self-doubt you have. Positive thoughts will spread positive energy so that you dare to take a step.

4. Don’t depend your life and hope on others, believe in yourself

Do not depend your life and hope on other people, even if he is your lover. You think that he will always be there for you, especially when you need him. Just because you think that way, doesn’t mean he will.

If what happens is the opposite, of course you will feel disappointed and sad because it does not match your expectations, thus making you even more doubtful about the choice you have chosen. How can you get rid of self-doubt and be able to believe in yourself if you only depend on other people for your life and hopes. Leave your dependence on others, believe in your own abilities. That way it will be easier for you to eliminate the doubts that are in you.

5. Avoid perfectionism towards yourself

Don’t force yourself to be perfect in every way. Avoid perfectionism towards yourself. Because you better be realistic about your goals. If it turns out that the results you get are not perfect, there will be self-doubt that makes you feel less capable, where the results do not match your expectations.

So that in the future self-doubt due to previous failures makes you even more afraid to go back. Negative thoughts about the views of others who will be disappointed or even insulted because the results you get are not perfect also add to your doubts. Therefore, don’t set your standards too high for yourself, so you won’t be disappointed and doubt your abilities.

Realize and admit that maybe the results you get are not perfect because you are still lacking in trying when working on them. It better to look for the cause than to continue to dwell on thoughts that continue to doubt yourself. That way you will try to do better in the next steps.

Eliminate self-doubt so that negative things do not dominate your life. Learning to believe in your own abilities will make you more courageous in going and pursuing what you want. Because the more you keep your doubts in yourself, the more afraid you will be to take a step. The further you are from the word success. Therefore, you can try to eliminate self-doubt by doing the five ways above.




By Jaya