It is undeniable that learning new things is difficult. The key to success is curiosity from within. However, not everyone has this.

However, true curiosity can be nurtured slowly. You can also try the following five ways to be more motivated to be curious when learning new things.

1. Try to start loving what you are learning

You have to start trying to love the new job. Remember, that curiosity will arise on the basis of love. If you don’t love your job, your mind won’t focus on it.

Then, you will feel that this is something that must be resolved immediately. Because you don’t enjoy it at all. Get rid of that mindset and start building a sense of love within yourself.

2. Hang out with people who have the same goals as you

Next, you can start hanging out with people who have similar goals. Things like this are meant to keep your spirit burning. Just imagine when you feel fed up, it will disappear instantly if there are many of your colleagues who are fighting together.

The point is, never be afraid to expand your relationship with people who are often in pursuit of new things. Later, they will have a big contribution to your success.

3. You can also follow accounts that talk about what you are learning on social media

Try to follow social media accounts that help their followers learn about the topic. For example, if you want to learn about stocks, try following accounts that provide education about it.

Trust me, that curiosity will appear instantly. That can happen because there are many interesting new terms or aspects that inevitably have to be learned.

4. Take paid courses so you can be motivated

In order to have more motivation, try to take various paid courses. The reason is, so you can think not to waste time in vain because your money is already there.

After that, curiosity will also arise as you are diligent in studying. Following the free one is actually okay but trust me you will be lazy in doing it.

5. Try to be willing to enjoy the process in a way that is not instant

Finally, you can start enjoying all forms of struggle in a way that is not diamond. In doing so, there will definitely be obstacles so that your adrenaline will be spurred along.

This will encourage you to arouse curiosity in order to defeat laziness in learning it. Begin to choose a path that is not instant so you want to try.

Have you done any of the five things above? By generating curiosity, you will surely easily master new things.

By Jaya