Those of you who have watched the first film Spider-Man (2002) version of Tobey Maguire certainly know that the superhero fought the Green Goblin in the film. 19 years after the release of Maguire’s first Spider-Man film, the Green Goblin has finally made a comeback in Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021). In fact, the actor who used to play him, namely Willem Dafoe, was also invited to return to No Way Home .

The presence of the Green Goblin in No Way Home was initially kept a secret. However, once the first trailer for No Way Home was released, we finally got to see the appearance of Green Goblin’s Pumpkin Bomb. Then in the second trailer, Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios finally showed the form of the Green Goblin as a whole.

1. Real name Norman Virgil Osborn, Green Goblin first appeared in the comic The Amazing Spider-Man #14 which was released in July 1964.
When it debuted, the identity of the character created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko was made unknown. Then, Lee and Ditko introduced Norman Osborn in April 1965 through the comic The Amazing Spider-Man #23 . The Green Goblin’s true identity, Norman, was finally revealed in August 1966 with The Amazing Spider-Man #39 .

Norman is said to have been born into a wealthy family. Unfortunately, Norman’s father, Amberson Osborn, became an alcoholic and abused his family due to bankruptcy. As a result, Norman hates his father and also has violent tendencies.

While in college, Norman met his girlfriend, got married, and they had a son named Harold “Harry” Osborn. Together with Mendel Stromm, Norman also successfully founded the company Oscorp Industries. In the midst of his happiness, his wife Norman fell ill and died when Harry was 1 year old. Norman then diverts his grief by working so hard that he ignores Harry emotionally.

2. Norman acquires his powers and insanity by accident while creating the formula.
So mad at working to divert his sadness, Norman to shift Mendel Stromm from the ownership of Oscorp Industries. While searching for Mendel’s treasure, Norman discovers a formula for increasing strength and intelligence. Norman then tries to make the formula, but the formula turns green and explodes in his face.

The accident makes Norman’s strength and intelligence increase rapidly. But on the other hand, the formula also reduces his sanity. Norman then uses the identity of the Green Goblin because it is a creature he was afraid of as a child and creates a costume that makes him look like the Green Goblin.

Norman’s transformation into the Green Goblin in the Spider-Man movie is arguably not much different from the comics. The difference is that in the film, Norman deliberately made himself the object of testing his formula.

3. The Goblin Formula provides many advantages, including healing abilities.
Before being exposed to the Goblin Formula, Norman was indeed a very intelligent figure. Well, the Goblin Formula increased his mental capacity and creative talent, allowing him to make discoveries that are beyond the capabilities of most scientists.

In addition to intelligence and strength, Goblin Formula also improves Osborn’s various physical abilities, including speed, stamina, endurance, agility, reflexes, and healing abilities. Goblin Formula makes Norman’s body metabolism increase so that his body can heal damaged body tissues more quickly.

4. The Green Goblin costume is equipped with various devices for weapons and self-defense.
Not only does it look scary, the Green Goblin costume turns out to have various devices to protect itself, such as bullet-proof materials, masks that protect it from exposure to harmful gases, to storage of various weapons. His gloves also turned out to be able to release an electric charge that can paralyze his opponent.

There are two weapons that characterize the Green Goblin, namely the Pumpkin Bomb and the Razor Bat. As the name suggests, the Pumpkin Bomb is a bomb that is shaped like a jack-o’-lantern and can emit explosions or dangerous gases. Then, the Razor Bat is a bat-shaped projectile that can slice and stab the opponent.

5. Before using the Glider, the Green Goblin first uses the Flying Broomstick as its vehicle.
The Green Goblin is identical to his Goblin Glider. In fact, this villain first uses a broom or Flying Broomstick as his vehicle. However, because it was deemed less than optimal, Norman redesigned his vehicle to create the Goblin Glider which was able to reach speeds of up to 140 km/hour.

In a floating state, the Goblin Glider is even able to withstand loads of up to 180 kg. Norman also equips his Goblin Glider with a variety of weapons, from missiles, machine guns, knives, flamethrowers, to Pumpkin Bomb throwers.


By Raufs