JTBC television station will soon produce a new KDrama entitled Agency. This KDrama tells the story of the first woman to become an executive at a largest advertising agency company. This drama has confirmed the line-up of the cast from Lee Bo Young to Son Naeun.

Scheduled to air in 2023, here are seven Agency drama facts that you should know.

1. This story focuses on a person who becomes the first female executive in the biggest advertising agency
Agency is an office drama about a woman who becomes the first female executive at the largest advertising company in South Korea. This drama also depicts behind-the-scenes stories of the realities of people in the advertising industry.

Life in an advertising agency is described as a fierce world full of people competing for the top.

2. Lee Bo Young became the first female executive in a company who wanted a high position
Lee Bo Young has confirmed her appearance in the drama Agency . In this drama, he will play the role of Go Ah In, a Creative Director as well as the leader of Production Team 2. Go Ah In enters the VC Planning company as a copywriter with perfect test scores. He adheres to routines and always wears formal attire.

Go Ah In has worked hard for 19 years to become known as the advertising queen and the company’s first female executive. However, he again surprised everyone by wanting the highest position.

3. Jo Sung Ha plays Director Planning who has ambitions to become CEO
Jo Sung Ha will be taking on the role of Choi Sang Ho, a Planning Director of the VC Planning company. After graduating from Hankuk University, Choi Sang Ho made it into the company from an open recruitment process.

Choi Sang Ho is described as a cold and intelligent character and has the desire to become a CEO. However, he turns out to be unable to control Go Ah In who also has ambitions to rise to the top position.

4. Son Naeun plays the role of influencer and heir to the third generation of VC Group
In the drama Agency, Son Naeun is confirmed to play Kang Han Na. Kang Han Na is a third generation chaebol of VC Group. He is an active social media star and influencer .

Despite appearing immature by living a luxurious life, Kang Han Na is waiting for her chance to appear. The opportunity came when he was appointed Director of Social Media at VC Planning. With his genius intuition, he takes advantage of Go Ah In (Lee Bo Young) who has a high position in the company.

5. Han Joon Woo as VC Group secretary
Han Joon Woo will take on the role of Park Young Woo, the secretary for VC Group. He also serves as a bodyguard, tutor, and has accompanied Kang Han Na (Son Naeun) while studying abroad for his Masters in Business Administration. He is Kang Han Na’s loyal right hand and always provides solutions when problems arise.

Han Joon Woo was previously known for his roles in the dramas Be Melodramatic (2019), Through the Darkness (2022), to Pachinko (2022).

6. Jun Hye Jin plays a career woman who has children
Recently, Jun Hye Jin recently starred in the drama My Liberation Notes . It didn’t take long for him to confirm his role as Jo Eun Jung in the drama Agency.

Jo Eun Jung is a copywriter for Planning Team 2. She is a working mother who has to always divide her time and decisions between work and taking care of her five-year-old child. That’s why he was always curious about Go Ah In’s principle of only wanting success.

7. The director of the drama Monthly Magazine Home and scheduled to air in 2023
Agency is the latest project from director Lee Chang Min. Director Lee has previously produced various popular dramas such as Birth of a Beauty (2014 – 2015), Remember: War of Son (2015 – 2016), to two seasons of Welcome to Waikiki. His latest drama is Mothly Magazine Home , which aired in 2021.

Agency will be a JTBC drama that is scheduled to air in the first half of 2023. Starring a line-up of well-known actors and actresses, the stories of these advertisers who tenaciously worked their way to success are worth waiting for.

By Jaya