Eyes are windows to the world. In anime , eyes can be not only a window to their owner, but also a dangerous weapon. This sense of sight has an important role for a number of strong characters in anime.

Anime eyes are often not only used to see. The ability of the eye does have limits. However, the eyes can also provide entertainment that the audience cannot miss.

In anime, there is never a shortage of powerful eye supplies. In the Naruto series , for example. Many strong characters have power in their eyes. The last one is Boruto’s Jougan eyes. But, because this eye has not been explored too much, it can’t be included in the list. So what are the strong eyes in anime? Here’s the review!

7. Erasure — My Hero Academia

Erasure is an eye-linked Quirk that gives Aizawa the opportunity to temporarily cancel a target’s quirk within his range of vision. Although it can’t directly damage the target, the effect is still deep and almost godlike in most scenarios. Aizawa complements the use of this Quirk with martial skills for maximum efficiency. After trial and error, Aizawa finally uses this Quirk to help him become one of the toughest heroes in the series and a solid teacher.

6. Byakugan — Naruto

The Byakugan is an eye technique exclusive to Hyuga Clan members. The term Byakugan roughly translates as Divine Eye. This is a fitting name, taking into account the specific power of the Byakugan. Since this eye focuses on the visual aspect, it is clearly superior. Hyuga Clan members can see from a distance and sometimes see through walls and other objects. The Byakugan can also perform magic if equipped with the clan’s fighting style, Juken.

5. Geass — Code Geass

Code Geass borrows heavily from elements of the story that are more successful from other, better series. With that said, it’s no wonder that Lelouch has a lot in common with Light Yagami from Death Note . After getting the famous eyes, Lelocuh’s peaceful life changed forever. Geass gave Lelouch the ability to control other people’s thoughts. However, he can only do it if one certain condition is met. Lelouch uses it to subdue opponents and build himself into a supreme leader.

4. Sharingan — Naruto

The Sharingan is the Uchiha‘s signature eye. Unlike the Byakugan, which only exists in one state, the Sharingan can evolve into a variety of forms based on the user’s experience. For example, Sasuke’s relationship with the Sharingan will be different from that of his older brother. While most members of the Uchiha clan can only awaken the basic form of the Sharingan throughout their lives, the Mangeky Sharingan and Eternal Mangeky Sharingan are rare cases that can only be awakened a few times in the series.

3. Foresight — My Hero Academia

Erasure isn’t the only hero in the My Hero Academia universe whose Quirk makes use of sight. Sir Nighteye, for example, had Quirk Foresight, a powerful ability. Foresight allowed Sir Nighteye to see into the future like watching a reel of film. Usually through the eyes of the target who is in physical and eye contact with him. While this ability had limitations, such as that it could only be used once a day, the visions he saw were always spot on. This means, he sees the future as an object that is terrible and unevocative. He had to contend with the idea before it ended.

2. Rinnegan — Naruto

The Rinnegan can be considered as an eye that has the power of a god. These eyes are the definition of overpowering and seem barely fair even in a series where multiple villains feel like too much. In fact, a taboo like bringing the dead back to life was nothing, but an obstacle to the Rinnegan. In the vast universe that Naruto built, the Rinnegan stands at the pinnacle of both power and rarity. Only an iconic villain like Pain can bring out the best Rinnegan.

1. Rikugan — Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen features Satoru Gojo, a wizard and heir to the Rikugan or Six Eyes. Rikugan allows Gojo to use his Limited technique to its peak. While this may sound like gibberish to those unfamiliar with the series, the Rikugan is actually an admirable ability that allows Gojo to redefine reality.

By using his eyes to redefine reality, Gojo can distort space and time within the confines of the pocket universe. Gojo wielded this god-like power skillfully. It was hard to imagine that he would ever face an enemy that could defeat the power of those eyes.

By Ichong