Kurama is also known as the Kyuubi. He is one of squid game the Bijuu created by Hagoromo Otsutsuki after he separated the Jubi’s chakra into nine  parts before he died. Known as the strongest venom 2 Bijuu, Kurama has always been locked up in Konoha with various Jinchuriki. Naruto Uzumaki is the last one.

During the battle My Hero Academia World Heroes against Isshiki Otsutsuki in the manga and anime Boruto: Naruto Next Generations , Kurama gave Halloween Kills up his life when he put on Baryon Mode with Naruto. This was used to ensure that Isshiki was defeated. As Naruto’s partner, Kurama had a lot of responsibilities that he would obviously take Matando Cabos 2 on if he were still alive.

However, now Kurama is gone. In Boruto, he unites himself with Naruto to defeat Isshiki. So, what will Kurama do if he is still alive? Quoted from CBR , here’s the review!

1. Kurama will control Naruto’s fighting plans at all times

Naruto is a very capable shinobi . But, he was also a person After We Fell who didn’t really think about fighting. When facing weaker foes, Naruto didn’t need Kurama’s skills. However, when it comes LEGO Star Wars Terrifying Tales to characters like Isshiki, he clearly needs Infinite someone to control him.

Kurama, who was logical, told Naruto not to do the unification. This was because if he continued to fight Isshiki then he would die because Madres he had to have the strength to face him. Without Kurama, Naruto could make very questionable decisions.

2. Kurama will knead chakra when needed

Kurama is a very powerful Escape Room 2 Bijuu and the greatest source of Naruto’s power. He not only supplies enough chakra to deal with the strongest characters, but also kneads Senjutsu chakra for Naruto when needed. This is seen when Naruto confronts Sasuke who uses the power of the Biju he captured.

To match him, Kurama accumulated a lot of Senjutsu chakra . He sent the chakra to Naruto to power him. If the need increased again, Kurama would not hesitate to use this technique again.

3. Kurama will give Naruto chakra mode

Being Naruto’s greatest strength, Kurama has a very large amount of chakra . To power Naruto, he allows Naruto to use his chakra and access Kurama Chakra Mode. This form can be used with Sage Mode and even Six Path Sage Mode. Kurama’s biggest role is preparing to supply Naruto with the power needed in the fight. Kurama would obviously have done it if he were still alive.

4. Kurama will be the link between Biju and Naruto

During the Fourth Great Ninja War, Naruto was believed to hold a small portion of the entire Bijuu’s chakra. After recovering from a near-death experience, Naruto used all of that chakra, along with Kurama’s chakra.

This role was given to Kurama because he is the strongest Bijuu. In addition, Kurama is also a person who knows Naruto very well. If he was still alive, Kurama would do a good job of this.

5. Kurama will watch over Naruto

Naruto was made Jinchuriki Kurama on the day he was born. Initially, the two did not get along. Kurama plans to take over his body and finally be free. But, in the end, everything changed over time. Little by little, Kurama saw his tenacity and great ambition to become Hokage.

Impressed, Kurama extended a friendly hand to Naruto. Since then, Kurama has been watching Naruto. No matter how old Naruto was, Kurama always made sure he took care of him. Kurama would definitely still do it if he survived his battle against Isshiki.

6. Kurama will encourage Naruto to grow stronger

Both Kurama and Naruto are very strong when together. However, they were definitely not invincible. Kurama can be defeated as seen in the Fourth Great Ninja War. Naruto can also be wrong, like when he fought Isshiki.

Interestingly, Kurama is known to be always hard on Naruto. He also made sure Naruto got stronger as time went on. He often told Naruto to hold himself or reminded him to be serious when he was angry, as seen when he fought Shin and then Delta.

. Kurama will keep Baryon Mode ready whenever needed

Kurama’s greatest strength is revealed as Baryon Mode in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations as they battle Isshiki. According to Kurama, Baryon Mode uses all of their chakra to emerge into new and larger chakra . Successfully doing Baryon Mode, both of them were able to face Isshiko and easily incapacitate him.

After Isshiki died, Kurama finally died. The price to be paid for this power is very large. If only he was still alive and Naruto needed him, Kurama wouldn’t hesitate to do it again.

By Ichong