The events of Spider-Man: No Way Home had a huge impact on Peter Parker’s life. Everything that happened in the film changed Peter’s life forever. And, now, it seemed like he had to start all over from scratch. And, alone. Peter Parker, played by Tom Holland, introduced in Captain America: Civil War (2016) has earned a place in the hearts of MCU fans. His journey in the MCU is full of stories. Spider-Man last appeared in the MCU through the film Spider-Man: No Way Home . The movie called Endgame

Spidey’s has changed everything. At the end of the story, everything is different for Peter.

Everything will have an impact on his life right now. The impact of Doctor Strange’s spell on the film was powerful. So, what can’t be done anymore after No Way Home ? Here’s the summary!

1. Can’t hang out with Ned Leeds anymore

And, Ned, Peter’s best friend, was affected.

Ned is still alive. Peter could say hello too. But Ned would never recognize Peter again. Their friendship is over. Seems like it’s impossible to get back together.

2. Can’t date MJ anymore

At first, they were not lovers. But, gradually, after becoming closer, Peter realized that he fell in love with MJ and MJ also had the same feelings. Unfortunately, the love story is over. MJ forgot who Peter was, just like Ned. He saw Peter as a visitor to the coffee shop where he worked. Now, Spider-Man is single.

3. Can’t see Aunt May anymore

This is a special case in No Way Home . Peter can’t see Aunt May anymore not because he too was affected by Strange’s spell, but because Aunt May is gone. May died from the brunt of the Green Goblin in No Way Home . May’s death destroys Peter.

In any story about Spider-Man, Aunt May is Peter’s emotional support and his number 1 fan. Peter relied heavily on his aunt after his parents died and Uncle Ben died. Aunt May was a parent figure to Peter. With May’s death, Peter now has no one to give him advice and warmth when he feels vulnerable.

4. Can’t ask Happy Hogan anymore for help

Happy Hogan is always there to help Peter after Homecoming . He can provide logistical support for Peter when he needs it, as was the case with Spider-Man: Far From Home and No Way Home . However, after Doctor Strange’s spell is cast, Peter can no longer rely on Happy’s help. At the end of No Way Home , Peter meets Happy at Aunt May’s grave. And, Happy no longer recognized Peter, though he still knew May. Now, Peter can no longer call Happy for help when he is pressed against the enemy.

5. Can’t ask Doctor Strange for help

The end of No Way Home also made Peter lose an important ally, namely Doctor Strange. Previously, Strange was said to be replacing Tony Stark in Peter’s life, but apparently not. Strange can actually provide support for Peter with his spells and knowledge. He can also protect Peter from the multiverse. However, now, after a spell to make everyone forget Peter Parker as Spider-Man, Strange will no longer be in Peter’s life and help him.

6. Can’t access Avengers resources

A number of superheroes in the MCU are trying to act on their own, such as Iron Man and even the Hulk. But, sometimes they also need support from their fellow superheroes. Nick Fury then formed the Avengers. Ever since Avengers was formed, its members have always had someone else to turn to for help. Spider-Man had a chance to feel like a member of the Earth’s strongest hero team. Spidey may not be a veteran like Captain America, but for the time being, it looks like he can access the Avengers’ resources to help him carry out his missions. But now, Peter could no longer do that.

7 Movies. Can no longer use Tony Stark’s AI technology and glasses

Another major loss in Peter’s life following Strange’s spell in No Way Home is Stark’s technology. During his time in the MCU, Peter was often helped by Tony Stark’s technology. Some of Peter’s sophisticated costumes are also Tony’s. In fact, Peter can also make his own costume with Stark technology.

In addition to the costume, Tony also provides a pair of glasses that contain artificial intelligence (AI) that allows the wearer to do anything, including ordering drone attacks from the Stark satellites in orbit. These glasses appear in Spider-Man: No Way Home . Peter can access the glasses.

However, after No Way Home , Peter will no longer be able to access these objects. He can no longer get or make sophisticated costumes anymore with technology from Stark. At the end of No Way Home , Peter sewed the costume himself. He also can no longer access Tony’s advanced glasses.

By Ichong