Rowoon SF9 Managed To Steal The Public’s Attention For His Charm As A Handsome Teacher In ‘The King’s Affection’. Having Handsome Visuals And A Myriad Of Talents, Let’s Take A Peek At The Boyfriend Material Portrait Of Rowon Below.

One of the SF9 members who is diligent in the world of acting, Rowoon is again a byword for his acting. Previously, Rowoon had already received the spotlight for his stunning visuals .

Entering the last half of 2021, Rowoon again stole the attention of the audience for his role as a handsome teacher in the drama ” The King’s Affection “. In addition, the owner of the real name Kim Seok Woo also received praise from the production crew for creating a bright atmosphere on the set.

Possessing a million charms, Rowoon constantly attracts ordinary people to become his fans. Here are a series of boyfriend material portraits of a Rowoon.

1. Captivating Visuals
Since debuting in SF9, Rowoon has captivated fans’ hearts with his extraordinary visuals. This Leo zodiac man has a height of 191 cm and looks very suitable to wear a long coat . Long legs with a beautiful face is Rowoon’s strongest attraction.

2. Follow The Mirror Selfie Trend
Like young people in general, Rowoon also follows the trend of posing by means of mirror selfies . Rowoon wears a knitted sweater with stripes and looks stylish in front of the mirror. Even though he seems expressionless, Rowoon still looks handsome.

3. Fashionable
Haru’s role in ” Extraordinary You ” is indeed known to be good at combining clothes. Rowoon just stands leaning on the corner of the building wall, but it looks very aesthetic . In the portrait, Rowoon is wearing a white t-shirt lined with a plaid shirt.

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4. Boyfriend Really Material
Celebrity who likes spicy food has an aura boyfriend material strong as posing in front of the entrance of the building with wear causal and carry bags. Rowoon is like a boyfriend picking up his girl from work.

5. Sweet Brondong
The idol-actor who has an IQ of 300 had the nickname “Brondong Sweet” because of his role as a handsome junior in the drama ” She Would Never Know “. In one of the behind-the-scenes photos of the making of the drama, Rowoon looks both serious and cute while busy working.

6. Talented
Through “Extraordinary You”, Rowoon managed to win 4 trophies at various award events. The wins were divided into the categories of Best New Actor and Best Idol-Actor of the Year. This proves that Rowoon is also good at acting.

7. Photogenic
Rowoon who has a body like this model is also good at posing in front of the camera. It is not surprising that this celebrity who is good at cooking is often the cover of magazines and even brand ambassadors of various products in South Korea.

8. Awesome Side Profile
This celeb who is good at playing soccer has an extraordinary side profile . Rowoon has a nice sharp nose and ideal facial features. By posing under the hot sun, Rowoon’s side profile looks even cooler.

Discussing Growth As An Actor, SF9’S Rowoon Wants To Play This Character In The Future

During An Interview Recently, SF9’S Rowoon Shared His Growth As An Actor. What Is The Full Description Of The Man Born In 1996?

Recently SF9 Rowoon underwent a photo shoot as well as an interview with Cosmopolitan magazine . On this occasion he discussed many interesting things, including his growth as an actor.

For an idol, a career in acting is not an easy matter. Nevertheless, Rowoon managed to prove himself as one of the promising actors after starring in the drama ” Extraordinary You “.

Rowoon said, “I want to be remembered as a good actor. I want to be recognized by others. Therefore, I continue to pursue the essence of acting. If I focus too much on public opinion, I can forget what is really important.”

The 24-year-old actor then shared his experience of worrying about other people’s opinions. He explained, “I’m the type of person who is always worried about how I look in other people’s eyes and what other people think of me.”

“But suddenly, my life felt so sad. At one point, I thought it was okay if there were people who hated me. Now, I am someone who stands in the way of everything so that I can focus on my role,” added Rowoon.

Furthermore, Rowoon revealed how to broaden his horizons as an actor. He also expressed his desire to act in a wider variety of roles in the future.

He explained, “I wanted to try playing someone who is ambiguous, where you don’t know if he’s good or bad, or some kind of weird role. However, there are also roles that only I can do at my current age, so I try not to miss the opportunity. also.”

Finally, Rowoon revealed the actor who is his role model. “When you analyze a character, you have no choice but to enter your personal interpretation,” said Rowoon.

“I think if the actor is the soil, the character is a tree that grows roots and develops. Christian Bale always shows unexpected results (trees) in that way. His expression is subtle and he has his own sense of style,” he concluded.

By Fuzy