It is no secret that Saeguk dramas originating from South Korea are currently very popular with various groups in the world. The country of ginseng has produced a lot of quality dramas with various genres. One of the most popular genres is saeguk drama or drama that takes a historical theme.

Among the many actors, there are several names who when playing in saeguk dramas always steal attention because of their strong charisma. The following is a row of South Korean actors who are most suitable for playing the saeguk character.

1. Lee Joon Gi
Having a firm facial character and strong charisma, Lee Joon Gie has been flooded with offers to play in saeguk dramas. He has played many saeguk dramas such as Iljimae (2008), Arang and The Magistrate (2012) and also Moon Lovers (2016).

The character who plays Wang Soo in Kdrama Moon Lovers was born in Busan, April 17, 1982. Until now, the character Wang Soo he plays is still one of the most preferred characters for K-drama lovers, you know. Apart from acting, Joon Gie is also very good at dancing and singing.

2. Kang Ha Neul
Born on February 21, 1990, Kang Haneul entered the list of actors who are very suitable to play in the next saeguk drama. He has played many saeguk dramas including Moon Lovers (2016), River Where The Moon Rises (2021) and Empire of Lust (2015).

His facial character, which seems calm and firm, makes Kang Haneul often get the role of a noble man in sageuk dramas. You certainly still remember his character as the 8th prince in Moon Lovers who successfully made him fall in love ?

3. Jang Dong Yoon
The Tale of Nokdu (2019) is a popular saeguk drama that has brought Jang Dong Yoon’s name to the peak of popularity. This handsome actor was born on July 12, 1992. He is from the city of Daegu and studied economics at Hanyang University, South Korea.

Before being successful as it is now, Jang Dong Yoon had become a conversation among Korean netizens because he had succeeded in catching criminals at a convenience store. Since that incident, Jang Dong Yoon has become so popular that he has received countless acting offers.

4. Yeo Jin Goo
Yeo Jin Goo is one of the actors who started his acting career from a young age. He first appeared in a drama in 2005. As a child, Yeo Jin Goo often played the younger version of the main character in a saeguk drama. One of the most famous is Moon Embracing The Sun (2012).

Now, as an adult, Jin Goo still often appears in saeguk dramas as the main character. The Crowned Clown (2019) is his successful saeguk drama in the market. The drama has also succeeded in getting Yeo Jin Goo into the best actor nomination at the 55th Baeksang Art Award.

5. Rowoon
The 190 cm stature actor is also considered very suitable in playing the character of Saeguk. His towering figure looks so handsome when wearing a hanbok. Especially when he appeared as Jung Ji Woon in the Kdrama The King’s Affection (2021).

His acting in the drama received a lot of positive responses from the audience. In fact, the warm welcome he received did not only come from Korea, but also from foreign fans.

6. Lee Byung Hun
Lee Byung Hun is one of the senior South Korean actors who is famous for his acting skills and strong charisma. The actor who made his debut in 1990 played in the popular sageuk drama Mr. sunshine. In the drama, Lee Byung Hyun plays Eugene Choi.

In addition to acting domestically, Lee Byung Hun is also active in films in Hollywood. One of his most successful Hollywood films is GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra (2009).

7. Jisoo
Despite the scandal that has dimmed his name in the Korean entertainment industry, Ji Soo’s prowess in acting remains unforgettable. Before his hiatus as an actor, Ji Soo had played in several popular saeguk dramas including Moon Lovers (2015) and also River When The Moon Rises (2021).

Both dramas received a good response from the audience. Ji Soo’s character is also considered very successful. But unfortunately, his character as On Dal in the drama River When The Moon Rises had to be replaced by another actor because of the scandal that befell him.

8. Kim Soo Hyun
It’s incomplete if you don’t include the name of actor Kim Soo Hyun in this list. The actor born in 1988 has played in many dramas with fairly high ratings. Even though he only played in one saeguk drama, everyone would agree that his drama The Moon Who Embress The Sun (2012) is one of the best saeguk dramas of all time.

This drama has won the hearts of many people because of its interesting storyline. Kim Soo Hyun’s acting skills have also successfully brought Lee Hwon’s character to the audience. So, don’t be surprised if until now many people are waiting for Kim Soo Hyun’s comeback in the saeguk drama.

Well, that was a row of names of South Korean actors who are very suitable to play the character of saeguk. Among the rows of names above, who is your favourite?

By Jaya